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The Trouble With Jesus

Christians are not perfect. No one really expects them to be, but they do come under a lot of pressure to perform based on their professed beliefs. When they fail to live up to those professions, they are often condemned or, at the very least, ridiculed.

How to Worship God In Spirit and Truth

This article is written with the hope of giving you a clearer understanding of what acceptable worship is to God. What does it mean to worship God in spirit and truth? This has confused many Christians for a long time.

Strengthening Your Religious Views Using the Search Engines

There are plenty of large religious organizations all over the world, that have no interest in telling you the truth about your religion. Sometimes the truth, can be manipulated, to sound better than it actually is. I’m here to point out, that some of these religions, seem to have pretty weak answers to simple questions.

Powerful Bible Thumper Finally Retires

This man was truly amazing, he could throw Bible quotes across the room, like professional basketball players throw basketballs. He had quotes for everything and whenever a dangerous atheists would enter his arena, he would often dazzle them with Bible quotes and by the time they left, they were completely confused and some of them were even ready to convert to Christianity.

The Bon Bibi Legend of the Sundarbans

The Bon Bibi (lady of the forest) legend uses the power of folklore to draw a connection between human beings and the world of nature and it is also a pertinent comment on the necessity to curb greed. The story serves as a melting pot for different cultures but is not very well known outside the Sundarbans.

Comparisons of Christian Religions

Comparisons of Christian religions have been a normal practice even before the First World War; theologians, lay people and members of the academy were engaged in debate as to which belief system was closest to what was ‘intended’, if such a thing can be ascertained now. To date, Christianity as a large body of belief systems is believed to be one of the largest chains of monotheistic beliefs, garnering more than 1 billion individuals worldwide.

Cherokee and Hopi Legend and Prophecy

We read in Matthew 28:19-20 that Jesus said to go into all the world, baptizing, and teaching everyone what he taught. There are those who are teaching a different gospel, that they claim is from Jesus, to the whole world, however, they are not teaching what Jesus taught. They have chosen to prevaricate, and their message is counterfeit.

Kingdom Growth Sure But Slow

Quoting Pastor Joel Parkinson, of Alliance, Ohio, “God has not called us to be successful, He has called us to be faithful. Do you ever get discouraged when you are working for the sake of God’s Kingdom? An understanding of the Kingdom of God and a deeper understanding of the providential hand of God working through history will help you maintain your joy in the midst of the trials associated with the work of God.

Talmud Gives Unintended Proof of Jesus Being the Messiah

The witness of the opposition carries special weight in any dispute. The Talmud, though it opposes the concept of Jesus being the Messiah, does offer a wealth of facts and opinion that supports the claims of Jesus. The ancient rabbis knew biblical Hebrew better than anyone so their analysis of biblical messianic prophecies is particularly noteworthy.

Judas Iscariot’s Secret

It was a stiff shock for me, one of the bitterest I ever had to look at. And it all came about through my awkwardness. Even yet sometimes, when I think of it, I want to howl if not swear or simply kick myself. Perhaps, even now, for a time looking at it, there possible could be a kind of contentment in making myself look low-priced by telling of it. But I will tell it nonetheless.

What Did Jesus Actually Look Like?

It’s kind of weird, almost everyone who knows about Jesus, has seen pictures of him. If I was to describe him, I would estimate is height to be around 6 foot tall, long brown hair, with a well trimmed beard, that would also seem to be longer than normal and I would consider him to be a relatively nice looking man.

Check This Out – 1 Corinthians 14:34

If you’re a woman, you might not want to read this article. If you’re a man who supports male chauvinistic ways, I guarantee that this is going to be an article that you won’t want to miss.

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