DEATH Lost Its Grip On Her LIFE


What Is Christianity?

Christianity is an important and growing faith in our time. Christians are found throughout the world, and their faith is based on Jesus’ words and the gospels.


People in christianity have the hope of salvation through Jesus’ forgiveness. This means that God forgives their sins, and they are given a new identity in Christ, a relationship with Him, and a promise of eternal life.

Casting Out Demons

The Bible is full of stories about how Jesus cast out demons from people. This was a normal part of his ministry and he gave his disciples training to do this as well.

Healing The Sick

The church often takes part in prayer and anointing for the sick, a common practice in the ancient world. This practice is believed to be a sign that the Holy Spirit is present among the believers and that they are able to heal each other.

Miracle Healing

The miraculous healings of the Bible are very dramatic, supernatural, and instantaneous. For example, blind people see and lame people walk (Mark 10:46-52). Leprosy vanishes and bleeding stops.

Having received this gift, believers then live in a new relationship with Jesus and His followers, and their lives are transformed by the Holy Spirit. They become like Him, demonstrating their faith through good works, pure thoughts, and godly attitudes.

Early on, the church struggled with the problem of how to express its unity in a way that did not divide its members. Eventually, they decided to say that all of their traditions were based on the same essence. They also argued that they had inherited monotheism from their Jewish heritage.

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