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How to Ensure a Successful Marriage – Family Prayer Through the Rosary

One out of two marriages in America end up in divorce. The best solution is good, old-fashioned family prayer.

Christian Dream Interpretation – Isn’t it Just Hocus Pocus?

Christian dream interpretation is a real and beneficial thing and is no hocus pocus. Christian dream interpretation is done many times by modern prophets who also have the gift of prophecy and who can speak into your life through both the Holy Spirit in personal prophecy as well as bringing understanding to your dreams.

Christian Dream Interpretation – Isn’t it Just a New Age Thing?

Christian dream interpretation is not for everyone. Christian dream interpretation is an art from and a real gift that is practiced by prophets today just like the prophets of old. It is not just a dangerous New Age thing.

Christian Dream Interpretation – Is it Really Useful?

Christian dream interpretation might not be for everyone. Christian dream interpretation is a special gift that is given to a prophet and developed over time. So why is free Christian dream interpretation useful?

Paul Says – If You Prophesy You Are Greater Than Other Spirit Filled Christians – 1 Corinthians 14:5

Paul was the King of teaching and man of mighty signs and wonders. Penning one third of the New Testament he had the right to speak on the gifts of the Holy Spirit and in 1 Corinthians 14 he speaks especially about tongues, prophecy and proper church policy.

The Law of Love – Part Two

There are many reasons we may love others. Nonetheless, true love toward other Christians is revealed in love of God and sincere love toward God is always a matter of obedience. There is no other way we can show affection to the Lord. And anyone who truly loves the Father will love his children as well. In other words, love for God’s children must flow from a love for God in order to be genuine. Since love for God is only unfeigned if we obey his laws any so-called love for God’s children that is not rooted in obedience to God is spurious.

Do You Need Help?

There are those who believe God’s promises are true, while others believe in the benefits that the government affirms are coming. The time is now to get honest and find out just what you really believe. If you are a Christian, do you really believe that God can and will do for you what He has promised?

Hinduism and the Bane of Caste

Dr S Radhakrishnan in his well researched book ‘Hinduism’ gives an exalted and philosophical view of the Hindu religion. There is no doubt that the Hindu religion is a vast ocean and tapping it can enlighten the thinker to the essence of life.The’ Bagdad Gita’ or The song divine gives us a glimpse of the higher echelons of man mind in the pursuit of truth.

Christian Dream Interpretation – The Joy of Finding Dream Interpretation Experts

Christian dream interpretation might not be for everyone. Christian dream interpretation is a special gift and can bring you joy to your heart and give you direction if you are open to it and if you have a person that you can use to help you understand your dreams. I am a prophet and I have found that having my dreams interpreted is like getting a prophecy only they can be stronger than prophecy.

Christian Fiction Books – A Whole New World of Fiction

Christian fiction books come with gripping and compelling prose in such a way that your interest and excitement grows as you turn the pages. Nowadays, a lot of books on fiction are based on adult themes that use raw language.

Christian Dream Interpretation – Steps to Getting a Free Christian Dream Interpretation

Christian dream interpretation might not be everyone. Christian dream interpretation is a special gift that is given to a prophet and developed over time. In order to get a free Christian dream interpretation you need to know a place that you can get one, and yet there is more to it than that.

Sunday School Crafts – 3 Ideas For Adding Creativity to Your Lessons

Sunday school crafts help to liven up children’s church. They give children a way to express themselves while learning about the Bible and the religion.

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