Defeating Depression in Your Life!

How Can I Think Of God?

Many people believe there is a higher spiritual energy called God that transcends the mundane material world. God is said to be the origin for all that is good in the universe – beauty and order in the natural world, higher principles of ethical living, human virtue, creative inspiration, depth of the human soul and its capacity for wisdom and compassion and so on. Those who favour a personal God suggest that any idea of God as anything other than a Divine person (such as an infinite force or abstract law behind the facts of science) actually makes God something less than we ourselves. Without our sense of God’s human dimension there would be no point to looking for the benefit of communication through prayer and no chance of sensing God’s personal presence. But if God is to be thought of as human, is God merely an image of us or are we an image of God?

Positioning Yourself To Receive Holy Love

We must be holy to receive the holy love of God. And yet, God tells us that no one is holy except Him. How do we solve this conundrum? Look and see.

Tired Of The Same Christmas Dinner? How About Trying These Christmas Dinner Ideas?

If you are tired of the same Christmas dinner, then you may want to consider trying something different this year. These countries offer you a variety in your Christmas fare and may even give you dinner ideas for the rest of the year.

Two Great Loves of Life

Love, via the passions that compel us, persists in two planes: one is relational by real body-to-body, mind-to-mind and soul-to-soul rapport; the other is usually not relational at all – by our typical understanding – our material worship. Or, what competes for our ‘worship’. Of course, this is where the Christian has the keys to the Kingdom – they have converted the vertical plane of love into a relationship; or, more correctly put, they have been bought by God into a relationship with their Creator.

Adult Kids Not Following God?

There is a lot of guilt about, within parents’ minds and hearts, for adult children who are not presently following God. It’s almost as if many parents feel inadequate and possibly even judged within the Church community for having ‘failed’.

Dark Chocolate – The Best Chocolate For Your Health

Although chocolate can be high in calories, dark chocolate is a super food, and it can help you reduce body fat, as well as introduce much needed antioxidants into your system. This article details the benefits of dark chocolate.

The Kingdom Is Now!

Where do you think the Kingdom of Heaven is? An even better question might be, ‘When’ do you think it is?

Strength for the Fight

Did you know that you’ve got an awful lot in common with a unicorn? Okay, how about a wild bull? God has some very interesting ideas on the subject.

Forgiving Others Is Not An Option

Are you a person who tends to harbor unforgiveness? Then this article is for you. The writer explains why forgiving others is a must.

Is God Responsible for Everything That Happens in the Universe?

Almost all faiths are founded on the belief that the universe was created by a deity in one form of another, although it remains to be determined therefore whether He is responsible for everything which happens in the Universe. In this article I will focus solely on the Judeo-Christian concept of God as creator as this is the faith I am most familiar with, being brought up Catholic and sent to a Catholic boarding school. Although many people of all different faiths believe that certain events in the universe are fated, including humanity, I will not talk of that which…

Could a Loving God Create Hell To Torment People For Eternity?

Are you wondering if God created hell to torment people? Why does hell exist? What happens to people after they die?

How Do We Know God?

Why are Christians so sure of their knowledge of God? Are you seeking this relationship with God? Do you know when He is present in your life? Why is there a different perspective between believers and nonbelievers?

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