Deliverance Broke Out During The Altar Call In San Francisco!

A Heavenly Exchange

In our humanity, we need the goodness of God. He offers a heavenly exchange.

Was Jesus Christ a Historical Figure or Was He Stolen, Borrowed or Invented by Constantine?

How much of what people believe is actually true? My reincarnation is an eye opener into the various faiths and the claims made about God and the Son of God.

Is It Time to Blend Drudge’s “Have Exit Plan” With Christ’s Warning to Flee Military or Martial Law?

Many see trouble coming from government spending and then printing money non-stop. And the gov is preparing for the trouble by buying billions of bullets and armored vehicles. The Bible has warnings for what we see. Before Christ saves us in the sky, heeding His words could save us in the cities.

The Epilogue of Evolution – BIG MISTAKE!

Despite the amazing progress in understanding the structure of living things, such as genes and DNA, mechanistic evolution has finally hit the proverbial buffers as the Human Genome Project shows that cells simply do not contain the ‘positional information’ or ‘blueprints’ to control the actions of cells in creating any part of any organism. How and why has this happened?

Christian Living: 101

I am spending most of this month in Colorado. My plan was to visit family and friends, then spend some quality me-time at our cabin catching up on some maintenance and constructing an outdoor storage shed. Now, several weeks later, I find myself back in Denver because the brakes on the SUV were almost metal-to-metal.

Calvinism – ‘Ism’ Or Biblical Christianity?

An ‘ism’ – from favouritism to feminism or from agnosticism to atheism is any word that shares this ending. We use it to refer to a distinct activity, but more often to beliefs connected with the word which have a specialised content. Hence ‘Calvinism’, and as it’s still very misunderstood by Christians who think it is against the gospel of Christ, we must take a closer look.

The Violence of Man and the Effect of Constantine’s Power Over the World

Constantine was able to put in place a system that has literally stolen the world and hidden the real God. He took control of religion, commerce and industry and the effect he has is bringing the world as we know it to an end.

A Reason for Rome’s Hostility to the US Constitution – Its Freedoms Are Obstacles to World Dominion

Rome lost supremacy as a New World opened and Protestant America became great. Rome’s strategy to recover world dominion is seen in the Bible and it looks like it’s working for them.

Easy Atheism – Truth Or Deception?

Some of the ideas about atheism are explained to make it so simple and easy, it is one of the easiest conversions available! Granted the big name proponents of New Atheism believe that religion is an unscientific folly and the source of world’s evil, and that once we rid the earth of such monstrous beliefs, we shall all be able to get down to the real job of creating a beautiful world of peace, prosperity and progress. But apart from this aggressive atheism, there is a calmer easygoing sort.

Talk About Faith

Faith influences nearly every aspect of our lives. Faith has an all encompassing definitions. It simply goes beyond believing, it is a way of life which reflects in our home, work and in our Society.

In the Light of the New Moon

People are gradually becoming aware of how the forces of Nature influence our lives beyond the superficial and apparent. Regardless of spiritual beliefs or religious affiliations, global citizens are acknowledging their sense of Oneness with all of creation. The coming New Moon is an opportunity to utilize cosmic energies to manifest Love, Peace, and Abundance into our lives.

The Mormon Word of Wisdom: A Regulatory Health Code Blasphemous to the Law of Christ

It seems that joining the Mormon Church is much like joining a social club or fraternity, in that code-like regulations and prohibitions are imposed upon the joiners’ that are designed to determine secular behavior. Though a new Mormon convert must agree before Mormon missionaries and Mormon bishops to obey the Word of Wisdom before Mormon baptism, later the convert discovered he has to swear before the Mormon god to behave in conformity to other strict Mormon codes. The Word of Wisdom is a regulatory health code that has a very specious origin and history. Read on for an explication of this very unchristian Mormon doctrine.

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