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Miracle Healing in Christianity


Miracle Healing in Christianity

Currently Christianity is the world’s largest religion with 2.38 billion followers. Christianity’s core message is the life of Jesus of Nazareth. In addition to his teachings, Jesus did miracles. He gave his apostles authority to cast out unclean spirits. He commissioned twelve apostles to spread the gospel. The Church is a continuation of his ministry in the world.

While Christianity has been a dominant global religion for centuries, satanic powers hold sway over all nations. These powers seek to thwart Christianity’s evangelism. When Christ returns, Satan will be thrown into a bottomless pit. Evangelism is a crucial component of redemptive praxis.

In the twentieth century, the charismatic third wave of evangelicalism emerged. This movement broke with the rigid divisions between Pentecostalism and mainstream evangelicalism. The movement is committed to conversion and is focused on evangelism.

While charismatic Christians are focused on evangelism, they know that they are in the middle of a long-term end-times battle against demonic powers. They are also focused on persisting in the faith of the saved. These believers also know that prayer is the weapon of spiritual warfare.

This type of faith is not a ritual act of conversion, but is a commitment and active participation. It requires a lot of patience and wisdom. It also involves a commitment to following Jesus every day.

The core group of charismatic evangelicals included Ted Haggard, John Wimber, George Otis, and Charles Kraft. Their ideas were tested in the controversial Fuller School of Missions course.

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