Deliverance From RAGING DEMON


What Is Christianity?

Christianity is the religion that teaches that Jesus Christ was the Son of God, and through his death and resurrection, he saved people from their sins.

Christians believe that Jesus died for their sins, and they follow his teachings to live a good life in the world and have eternal life in heaven after death.

There are many different ways that Christians worship God, but the main thing is to try to spend time talking to him and asking for guidance. This is more about relationship than religious practice, and is based on Jesus’s teachings rather than on specific rules or laws.

Casting Out Demons

The Bible says that ‘demons’ can affect our lives in various degrees, but they don’t always have to be physically present. They can also be “carry over” from prior life events, such as a person becoming a Christian but then going back on the Lord to turn their backs on him & begin to live a sinful lifestyle again.

Healing the Sick

One of the ways that God’s kingdom is manifested in this world is through acts of healing, which happen all around us. These are mediated through a variety of people, and are often described as’miraculous’ because of their power.

However, in order to be a true biblical healing, it must be performed by the authority of Jesus and not by someone else. It should be accompanied by the proclamation of Christ’s gospel of salvation, which is the message that Jesus died for our sins and was raised from the dead.

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