Deliverance From Religious Spirits. Can A Christian Have A Demon?

Power, Love, and Discipline

What does it mean to rely on the Holy Spirit and why should we care? How does religion distort the truth of a disciplined life?

Thilakam – The Chakra and the Third Eye

Why do see Indian Women, and sometimes men, wearing a Bindhi or Thilakam in their Foreheads? What are Chakras? What relations does this Thilakam have with the Third Eye of Lord Shiva? The Article gives you the answers!

The Bumpy Road of Good Intentions

The social world is an interesting place that never seems to tire of doing (supposedly) the right thing but ends up turning out to be massively wrong – an evil of sorts. Elections, creation of laws and assertive public opinions all play important roles in trying to do the right thing. I’m old enough to remember when smoking was encouraged as a way to be social.

The Best Free Gift Ever

Christmas gifts are fun to get. Some of them are needed. Some of them are luxuries. There is one free gift that everyone needs. It is the best one ever offered.

Your Neighbor

Who is your neighbor? People who reach out to you, and people to whom you reach out to is your neighbor. Your neighbor is someone willing to lend a helping hand when someone is in need and in a dire situation–coming to their rescue in the time of necessity.

The Truth About Christianity And What They Won’t Teach You In Church

Much of what is being taught in the churches today is wrong. Many Christians are suffering because of it. They are making many others suffer because of it. This article is about what the Bible really has to say about Christianity.

Belonging – The Means To Love and Happiness

Belonging is our deepest living need. By belonging we feel loved and happy – connected to our world. From this sense of belonging come hope, purpose and meaning. The church exists as a vibrant caring community where all types of people can feel they belong; to each other and to God.

Confession, Forgiveness and Healing

Whilst it looks like James may have been linking the presence of sickness with the predisposition of sin, per the rabbinic tradition (when sick: pray for the forgiveness of sins to then expect healing), I am preferring, in this article, the Western approach to this verse. There is great power in confession before friends, for where two or three are gathered in Jesus’ name, there the Lord is with us also.

A 6-Point Program for Repentance

We all need repentance as the way of improving our spiritual prospects in life. Such a thing was designed by God to reconnect us with the transforming power for life through his Spirit. Without this power, and we all know this weakness, we have no hope of spiritual contentment. This six-point plan is an acrostic that can help us remember the steps we might take in tackling our sin through the divine power of the Holy Spirit.

God’s Keenest Desire

God’s keenest desire is that our hearts would burn with holy zeal. Having defined what one author calls it, we can see that holy zeal is something quite other-than what many Christians’ experience of church. Church might be a radical crusade of love or nothing in this light.

Belonging – Our Great Need In Life

Matters of acceptance and rejection are stark in their extremes. To these two concepts belong the pivot points for life itself, for where we feel we belong we feel accepted and life runs well. But when we feel we don’t belong we feel, even unconsciously, rejected – and for such a time life does not run well.

7 Simple Ways To Be Happier

We all have periods when we are down. You don’t have to stay that way though. There are things you can do to get rid of a bad mood and feel better fast.

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