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The Multiplicity of Kindness

It is a common Christian cliche that we are “blessed to be a blessing.” It is nonetheless true. Through giving we echo the glory of God, who gave and gives and continues to give from everlasting to everlasting.

God’s Divine Purpose for Life

There is great meaning for life within our mortal existence, but it can only be seen through the kaleidoscope of faith – and not simply of any faith, but of the redemptive faith of God in Jesus Christ. Everything, literally everything, hangs on the fact that everything is for God’s glory.

Comprehending the Deeper Crisis of Sin

As Canon J. John once said, the heart of the human problem is the problem of the human heart. Our hearts are wretched. This is a crisis that can only be addressed by our acceptance of Divine Grace. It is a crisis revealing the truth of our spiritual poverty without God. Through faith alone, through each moment’s humble obedience, can we attain to the standard of the Divine.

2012, Revelation, and The End of the World As We Know It

Apocalypse means to disclose or reveal — hence Revelation. And that book, which was chosen to be the final word the bible, is full of hope and promise! Still, readers since the fifth century have increasingly looked at it for clues to the physical end of the world. A careful read reveals that the real Apocalypse described in the book of Revelation is as good as the one you’ve heard about is bad!

St. Benedict’s Abbey in Still River Massachusetts

It was in this place where exactly 16 years ago, I became a Christian Catholic. This place which lacks all pretense, ostentation or ornament became the home of my heart and remains so today.

God’s Miracles in My Life

As I approach my sixties I want to put down on paper some of the miracles that God has done in my life. I have had many miracles in my life from answered prayers, to God getting me out of some tight jams. In this article I am going to just focus on the four most dramatic miracles in my life.

The Six Words Of Christianity

These six words introduce the big issues of Christianity. They help focus our thinking on the most searching, thought-provoking topics as we consider how Christianity is the final answer to the most baffling questions in the cosmos. And this is on the basis that we are already personally understood. Do you really understand yourself? These six words, each ending in ‘ity’ may help you on the trail of truth.

The Daughter of Women, a North-South Divide, Destroyers of Holy People, and Antichrist

The biblical Daniel’s prophecies in chapter 11 are so accurate that many believe they are a hoax job written after the events. I argue that the material is far too portentous to be concerned only with those ancient events, seeing Daniel said it related to “the time of the end” and Jesus said the “abomination” was still future in his day. I offer new significance to the expressions “daughter of women”, “north” and “south” and suggest that the prophecies have a second application to the activities of a future antichrist.

Hindu Temple

India is a land of Gods and magnificent temples. The earliest temples of India are the cave and rock cut temples. They hold great importance and are sacred for they are where the gods reside. It is a place where man is at peace for he forgets all problems and surrenders to God.

Heaven’s Our True Home

The first moment we seriously contemplate the truth that this existence cannot satisfy us, we are compelled to contemplate the serious thought that Heaven is in our hearts – that Heaven is our true home. This life, this broken Earth, this family arrangement, this job we work in, this church we attend and serve in, these people we know and journey with, these problems and habits and issues – all confirm that none of this is perfect. Nothing here is more than a shadow revealing the true sanctity of our home in Heaven, abroad the spiritual chasm.

Lift Up Your Heads

Israel may be in the crosshairs of Iran right now, but the people of Zion have a glittering and joyous destiny. An amazing reunion will occur in the place of their heritage.

Religion and Culture Towards Women Ignored Today

One topic ignored today is how religion affects girls and women. Girls and women are affected by their choice of belief system at school, work, and in their community. With the right resources and support system, all girls and women will be able to reposition themselves positively and with confidence.

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