Deliverance in the Netherlands Day 2

The Corinthian Creed and the Early Proclamation of the Resurrection of Christ

Did Jesus Christ literally rise from the dead? The question is critical since upon its answer rests the veracity of all other Christian truth claims. As the apostle Paul asserts, if Jesus did not rise from the dead, then Christianity is a hoax, and to expend any further energy to proclaim it, the efforts of a fool. Therefore, it would seem that simply believing in the resurrection of Jesus is not enough. We must know that he rose from the dead beyond any reasonable doubt.

The Art of Praying For Our Enemies – A Practice of Personal Transformation

Liberty University recently released a campaign to “adopt a liberal” in order to pray for them. While they may have had a good intention through the way of viewing the world, it came across to the rest of the society as very paternalistic and judgmental. The question is: what did Jesus mean when he said for us to pray for our enemies? Even more importantly, how do we practice this in our lives?

The Kingdom Service

The service of the Kingdom is a very crucial one and God expects everyone to be involved in this service. It has a pattern and not just done haphazardly.

The Principle Of Receiving – The Crying and Saying Part Of Faith

Many principles have been thought on how to receive something from someone having lots to give, even at no cost. Receiving is a very crucial issue in the Christian faith. Christianity is teaches not only how to ask God, but as well how to receive from Him.

Is God Loving?

If you ask anyone in the world they most likely have an opinion of God. Some see him as a loving and compassionate Creator, some see Him as a Being that can’t wait to throw us in hell, others say that God is like a watchmaker who made the earth but now no longer gets involved in its matters and still others will say that God is someone who will let you go to heaven but only if you do some good works.

Christian Poker Players – An Oxymoron?

Can we truly glorify God in the poker world? Let’s get down to basics, can a Christian bluff, or deceive others and still be a faithful Christian? What does the Bible say about Christian poker players?

Should a Christian Play Poker?

Poker, gambling and its forms have often been considered acceptable in today’s society. What does the Bible say about Christian poker players? Should a Christian play poker?

Hijabs – The Journey of a Newly Converted Muslim to Cover Her Head

For born Muslims, accepting traditions and religion comes like second nature, and most do not feel the need to question most of the things that are mandatory or obligatory in Islam. Since they open their eyes in an environment where the mother and aunts and sisters are all covering their heads with hijabs and wearing loose fitting clothes such as abayas, they do not need to question the intent.

Prophetic Teaching – What is it All About and is it Needed Now?

The world desperately needs to hear a fresh word from God and we really need God to speak in these dark days we live in. Is this what prophetic teaching is, or is that just one element of it?

Unlocking the Secrets of Why Kids Don’t Like to Pray

How can we help kids to find meaning in something? How can we control the room without being overly authoritarian to the point of making the experience negative? How can we do everything in our power to make the prayers enjoyable without eliminating the authenticity of the liturgy or the prayer experience itself? Answer these questions and you can change the world.

Sincere Christian Service – Pathway to Success

To the Christians, the word of God on the quickest way to the top is to get involved with active Christian service. This means that you have to accept to become a true servant passionate about the willingness to help others at all times.

Greek Orthodox Easter Celebrations

Easter is an occasion when visitors can really feel the spirit of the Greek people. Easter celebrations in Greece are quite unlike anywhere else in the world.

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