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Developing Faith – Using Faith to Find Your Life’s Purpose

Faith should be a fundamental element in every Christian’s life. Without Faith our walk with Christ is rendered useless and ineffective because only faith can move God. Nothing else can work if we do not have faith.

Religious Freedom Means Not Having to Say I’m Sorry

When it comes to discussion of religion on the internet, the track record is, frankly abysmal. Here’s how we can change that.

Confident In The Lord’s Goodness

Although we can only live one day at a time, it is good to plan for future ministry and to consolidate previous ministry. Looking ahead is not presumption, if we allow the Lord to have the final say with our diary.

Advertisements: Sex, Religion, and Sales

Sex sells or so many of the magazines, TV shows, and music video producers seem to think. Many messages portrayed in TV commercials, magazine ads, and music videos are degrading to the image of men and women. As well, many falsely advertise by using Photoshop to enhancing people to create the “ideal” image, which slims, sharpens, or altogether changes the look of the person.

Can Anyone Discover the Meaning in Life?

What is the purpose of it all? What have I really accomplished? Is this really all there is to life? What is the true meaning of life? Why am I here? What is the end of it all?

War Against Occultism, Witchcraft and False Religion (7)

DIVINATION: Another act of occultism that goes contrary to the word of God is divination. And this includes: mediums, fortune telling, horoscope, psychic, etc. Any person getting information from these sources is communicating with the demon spirits.

Can Christians Get Tattoos?

Putting tattoo marks on your body is disobedience towards God according to the Bible. We should not put tattoo on our bodies no matter if it is of God or not of God.

Faith on Fire

For if you live according to the sinful nature, you will die; but if by the Spirit you put to death the misdeeds of the body, you will live, (Romans 8:13) If legalism is misdirected zeal for God, to the exclusion of love and mercy, nominalism is apathy toward God to the exclusion of zeal. In these last days, as sin compounds and all that is evil is called good, nominalism renders faith ineffective, incapacitated and lulls us into a false sense of security. The Gospel’s message is not one sentence – it never has been….

How To Recognize The Spirit Of Pride

Pride is one of Satan’s most successful tools in getting man to fall. It is the one sin that was powerful and deceptive enough to have Lucifer kicked out of heaven.

Can Christians Masturbate?

Christians should not perform masturbation because it is gratifying the desire of the flesh. Masturbation is a sin no matter if you do it with lust or without lust.

Can Christians Meditate?

Christians should not practice meditations from pagan sources such as yoga, qigong, tai chi chuan and etc. Christians should meditate and set their minds on God.

Can Christians Eat Pork?

Christians can eat pork as well as other food as long as we have given thanks and ask for cleansing through the blood of Jesus. However, we should abstain from food offered to idols, blood and meat of strangled animals.

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