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What Is Charismatic Christianity?


What Is Charismatic Christianity?

Christianity is a monotheistic religion based on the life of Jesus of Nazareth. It has 2.38 billion followers and is the world’s largest religion. In fact, Christianity represents one-third of the global population. However, while charismatic Christianity is an important part of the practice of Christians around the world, it is still very difficult to define.

A common assumption in charismatic Christianity is that God wants all Christians to be healed. Some people claim to have unusual healing abilities, but others say they don’t.

Many charismatic Christians believe that Christianity is locked in an epic battle with demonic powers. According to charismatics, these forces seek to undermine Christian evangelization. Satan and his demons are real and powerful. They hold sway over entire nations, and they seek to undermine Christianity’s evangelization of the world.

Throughout the ages, people have claimed to speak for God. They have had to be sure that they were speaking the truth. If they had claimed to be an apostle, they had to know who they were speaking for.

Those who claimed to be an apostle never performed miracles like walking on water or feeding 5,000 people. Only those who were part of an apostolic ministry could do these kinds of miracles.

For many believers, the gift of healing was not meant to keep the church healthy. In fact, the only time that an apostle performed a healing was in the presence of Jesus.

The apostles had power over demons, but they were limited in their scope. Consequently, the gift of healing was rare.

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