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What is the True Message of the Book of Revelation?

Does the Book of Revelation predict the End Times? Are they coming soon? Have they already passed? Or does the Book of Revelation tell us a different message?

The Christian Choice

Joshua (Joshua 24:15) got it right when he asked the children of Israel to choose between serving God or the world or the devil. He told them that the choice is between life and death (vs. 20). The Christian should realize that on daily basis there are choices to be made. To the Christian and non-Christian it may not necessarily always be between life and death. In most cases, it is a choice between good and evil.

What is the Story Behind the Greatest Story Every Told?

The story behind the story of Jesus has been told for thousands of years in hundreds of cultures. The reasons are both mysterious and wonderful, and may surprise even you.

“The Moonies” – What Do They Really Believe About the Relationship Between God and Humankind?

What do “the Moonies,” a term members of the unification church of Rev. Sun Myung Moon consider a slur, believe about how God relates to humankind? They are indeed Christians, although many have attacked the teaching of Rev. Moon as un-Christian. In fact, they may be the most vertically connected Christians.

The Christian and Freedom

Freedom means liberty hence the two words are most often used interchangeably. To have freedom or to be at liberty denotes that one is free, a verb of the noun freedom. These are known to every Christian or any religious person.

What Type of Outreach Ministry Fits Your Church?

Just as all churches are not the same, outreach programs also vary. Some outreach programs take place on the church’s premises while others are in conjunction with another community agency. When thinking about the type of outreach program that your church will take part in, there are a few things that you should keep in mind.

Creation, De-Creation and Biblical Interpretation

The belief that Scripture interprets Scripture has long been the position of orthodox Christianity. However, it is not uncommon for Christians to bring their own opinion to bear upon the biblical text. Pet doctrines, newspaper exegesis, current fads and so on, frequently influence our understanding of the Bible.

The Honor the Christians Want

Not many people know that few things are better than being honored. Fewer still know the pathway to honor, let alone walk it.

Grave Errors About Death (Part 1 of 4)

What really happens when we die? Do our souls live forever? These are questions on the minds of many. Together we will discover the truth from the Bible about these controversial subjects.

Questions For Christian Leaders

If your calling is in the area of God’s work, you’ll repeatedly have to ask yourself some questions. One of which is: Am I responsible to anyone? If you are, fair enough. If not, you’re walking on a dangerous rope.

Translation of the Holy House of Loreto

The account of the translation of the House of Nazareth from Nazareth in the Holy Land to Loreto Italy in 1290. St. Francis of Assisi went to the Holy Land, in 1220, to convert the Saracens or die trying.

Christians – Be Yourselves Before God

Christians, be yourselves before God at all times. God created you the way you are. He has very good reasons for it. Recreating yourself “in the image and likeness of others” can’t but be offensive to Him because your efforts may be suggesting that, perhaps, He’s not perfect.

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