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When Does Life Begin and Stem Cells Research

A while back, I heard a well-known and influential speaker, being interviewed on CNN, say that he believes life does not begin at conception… therefore he approves of stem cell research. A lot of people can’t make many right decisions in their lives because they do not research what they believe, to see if they are correct or not — even Christians, as this man claimed to be. The Word of God says, “My people perish for lack of knowledge”. It also says test and search everything.

The Sanctioned Productivity of Christian Citizens

In the business world, there’s been a lot of talk about a new disease in society today called “getting something for nothing.” It is an epidemic of mindset that says life owes me a living, so give me what I need without me working for it.

Seventy Weeks

Seventy weeks determined; glancing upon the commentaries of John Wesley, Adam Clarke, and the Geneva Bible Notes, all seem to have commented rather substantively on this passage of scripture here in Daniel. Initially, we shall look to John Wesley’s comments and interpretation of this passage, then we will proceed to Adam Clarke, followed by the Geneva Bible Notes, and finally we shall consider my personal understanding of these verses. Beginning with Wesley he states that the seventy weeks of verse 24 of Daniel 9 are weeks of days and that these days are so many years.

Will I Find Integrity in The Church?

Jesus asked the question “…Nevertheless when the Son of man cometh, shall he find faith on the earth?” (Luke 18:8). We know that faith has been decreasing. What Jesus was saying in that scripture passage is that in the last days leading up to His coming back to earth, Christian faith on earth is going to be so thin that He asked if He would even find any at all.

Jewish Art – Not What You Would Expect

Many people believe that Jewish art is forbidden according to the Bible. Is it true? and what does Jewish art mean? Come to find important information about Jewish art and its development.

October – Rosary Month

The Virgin Mary in her different names, state of grace, and miracles are shown in a Marian exhibit held this October, 2010 at the Mall of Asia in the Philippines. Radio Veritas 846 and the Department of Education with supporters and sponsors highlight this event for October Rosary Month. The Rosary is a form of prayer and devotion depicting life scenes of Jesus Christ (Mysteries of Christ’s life: Joyful, Sorrowful, Glorious, Luminous) the time he was born till the time he died, and his resurrection.

How to Knit a Kippah, Also Called a Skullcap, Worn by Observant Jewish Men

The knitted Kippot is referred to as the Kippot serugot and is most often worn by the Religious Zionists and the Modern Orthodox. The Kippah is not just one color or design- each is a skull cap but they can be created in a variety of colors including the colors of sports teams, colors that represent tradition or colors that are significant to the individual.

Dusshera – A Festival of Victory

Dusshera symbolizes victory of good over evil. It is celebrated by the Hindu culture.

Why The Baha’i Faith is Located in Israel

A quick summary of the real historical events that directly led to the Baha’i Faith being physically located in Israel. Specifically, the myth that the Baha’i Faith is an agent for Israel is debunked by way of historical fact.

How to Use the Sabbath Truth to Unmask the True Purpose of a National Sunday Law

The Adventists say that Sunday observance will become the mark of the beast when the national Sunday law is enforced. But what will be the great difference between Sunday keeping today and Sunday keeping in the future? The credibility of the argument in favour of an impending national Sunday law depends on the answer to this question. You answer could well be found in the true meaning of the Sabbath.

The National Sunday Law – Whose Agenda

Many do not realize that there are two agendas at work in this national Sunday law saga – the one being the facilitator of the other. The enactments of Sunday legislation in different parts of the world could well be a smokescreen of Satan to get us to believe that that’s all there is about the national Sunday law.

You Have An Inheritance

Now that you are a Christian, did you know that you have an amazing inheritance? The Bible says you are a Priest unto God (1 Pet 2:9) and the Priest had a very special inheritance, completely different from all of the other people’s inheritance.

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