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The Construction of Rosaries

Throughout this article I will be discussing the construction of rosaries. Who is responsible for making rosaries? Where are they made? Etc.

The Rosary and the Parts Included

The rosary is a tangible way to keep track of all the hail marries that are said during prayer. As the prayers are being said, fingers are moved along each bead to keep track of which hail mary your currently on. Keeping track of which prayer your on with your hands, frees up your mind so more thoughts can take place.

Lutheran Church Services – Origin and Practices

The Lutheran church is one of the oldest denominations of Christianity still alive in America today. The Lutheran church is best known for its belief in predestination, or the idea that God knows whether each person is going to heaven or hell because he is all knowing, so the everyday person has no control over it. Before joining a Lutheran church it is important to know these two things.

About Pentecostal Church Services

Pentecostal church services have a certain reputation among the various different Christian churches of America today. There are so many aspects of Pentecostal beliefs that it is important to know them and how they differ from other churches before believing this reputation. Among the things to know include the Pentecostal history, their beliefs, and the misconceptions that often come along with hearing of Pentecostal church services.

Why God Created You

This is an Article about why God created us. We are created to do justly, to love Mercy and to walk humbly with God.

Three Days and Three Nights?

This one has become a lot like, Where did Cain get his wife? Not all that critical a matter, and if that notion is all you get out of this blog, it is huge. Christians spend a lot of time on not-so-critical issues.

Patience – Our Faith Builder

Patience shapes and molds us into the image of Christ concerning the welfare of mankind. The testing our faith develops patience. God uses negative situations and negative people to develop us spiritually.

Who is This God?

He’s not remote; He’s near. We live and move in Him, can’t get away from Him!

Was Revelation Written Before AD 70?

Unlike most books of the Bible whose meaning is not affected by a few years variance in dating, an accurate dating of Revelation is critical to its interpretation. While most scholars would favor a later date of around A.D. 96 in the time of Domitian, there are some who favor an earlier date during the reign of Nero.

God’s Unexpected Presence and Calling

Do you like unexpected surprises? Whether we like them or not, unexpected surprises occasionally come in unexpected places. It is always a wonderful surprise to find something good in an unexpected place.

Daily Christian Devotions – Enhancing Your Quiet Time With God

Daily Christian devotions with God is essential to spiritual growth and maintaining an intimate relationship with Christ. Below are some suggestions to creating a powerful quiet time with God, thus enhancing your daily Christian devotional time with Him.

The Christians Core Values

This is an Article about what a Christian values. There are many things that we value but Faith is the core of Christianity, because without faith we can not please God.

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