Your Simple Acts of Faith Are Having a GREAT Impact

In many of my articles, I use words such as “calling” and “purpose.” Sometimes these words bring up thoughts of delivering a sermon to thousands or performing mighty feats of faith like David did when he killed Goliath.

Bible Controversies and Why the Bible Is Confusing

Not many can face reading the bible unless they have instructors to guide them. My instructor was the Spirit who led me back and forth over a two years period until every word was understood. Rarely did the book leave my hand until that day had come.

Traditions, The Christ Verses the New World Order

Judgment is what all men are under and is based upon the righteous statutes and commandments of God, we have all been found guilty of sin, our righteousness is as filthy rags. For a man to be judged of sin, there must be a universal standard to judge all men equally and there is, Gods word, for there is no respect of persons with God. Now that this standard of judgment has been established there comes mercy.

In Whom the LORD Takes Pleasure

Why is it we are so prone, in our different circumstances, to self-imposed pressure? We want rich and comfortable lives, yet, in trying to set our lives up that way, we so often put the cart before the horse and put unnecessary pressure on ourselves.

Creation in Triplicate

The imagery introduced in the Genesis creation narrative is used in describing both the creation of the nation of Israel and the creation of the individual born-again Christian. Even the order in which these creation events develop roughly match. The Bible identifies all three developments as creation processes. To accept this viewpoint could offer a more tolerable way of interpreting the Genesis creation narrative.

Why Jesus Christ Died on the Cross?

Jesus Christ came to the earth to die for our sins so that the barrier between man and God can be removed. By dying on the cross for our sins, mankind can reconciled back to God.

Spiritual Food for Daily Living

God has created every person here on earth for His divine purpose, will and glory. With the mind of Christ we learn how to love unconditionally, forgive genuinely, have a hope for eternity, and in this life to live courageously.

Walk Of Faith: Knowing That We Have Authority In The Name Of Jesus

When Jesus walked this earth, He was in control of everything because He had authority over everything. He had authority over sin because the bible said that He was without sin. When He was in the garden of Gethsemane and the solders came to take Him away He asked who you are looking for and they said Jesus of Nazareth; He said I Am He and when He said that, they fell backward. When He was on the cross no one took His life, He laid it down for us; so all of this should indicates to us that He was in control of everything.

Frustration Is Not God’s Will For Your Life

How many churches, movements and denominations, do you know that are in decline yet will not change how they have always done things? Is it not also true of our personal lives? We love the routine and the well known. Sadly, it is well documented that women who are in an abusive relationship will tend to always choose someone who is abusive no matter how many times they start fresh.

Is The Apostle John Still Alive?

Well is he still alive? Amazingly, some people think he is, but none of them can identify him, for how could they? They didn’t have mobile/cell phones in those days so there are no snaps of him. Not only that but where could he be – hiding in a cave in Afghanistan perhaps? If he were alive how frail would he be? The mind boggles, as they say, so be prepared to have your mind unboggled.

Buddha and Buddhism

The Buddhism and its history is the result of one man’s quest for enlightenment through rigorous practice and meditation. His teachings helped lead the path in the ways of living for the followers of this religion.

Living Beauty

I love things of beauty! Whether it is something from nature or man-made, my soul delights in things that please the eye and touch the heart. I especially love the variety of color and texture that plants and their flowers provide.

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