Delivered from Demonic Dreams & Rage and Now She Can Love People

Leaving Romanism

Adult converts are special prizes to the Roman System. I basked in this awhile, but eventually there were too many questions I could not answer. Here is my conversion statement. And my exit.

My Letter to the Roman Church

It looks a little flamboyant now, and melodramatic. But oh my heart burned when I wrote these words. How I wanted to be free to obey the Word just as it is written. How I wanted to be where the Spirit was flowing freely. Still do, as a matter of fact!

My Younger Years in the Catholic System

This was my encounter with the prevailing world religion. What a strange ride it has been.

Fundamentalist Catholic

Fundamentalism and Catholicism. Spoken in the same breath! How could it be? For a while in my younger years, that was the exact position in which I found myself as the Spirit of God was striving within me for the true.

Why the Priest Asked Me to Leave

Leaving a job and a church and all that is familiar all at once. No fun at all. Rome wanted it so. I went on down the road. No regrets today!

Rome: An Hour of Decision (Scarlet Threads – Part Sixty-Three, Final)

What do we do with the Roman System? Not only what, but how? Is there any real difference between the church of Rome and all other churches? Is it a safe place to be? You decide.

Should Christians Celebrate Halloween?

This is an article about whether Christians should celebrate Halloween. We should not because it does not give Glory to God. If we are not honoring God then we are honoring the Devil and there are no blessings in honoring Satan.

Did She Ever Return? (Scarlet Threads – Part Sixty-Two)

Romanism is not the same as Biblical Christianity. I say it not in judgment. Romanists would agree. They believe that they are not bound by the Book, but by the evolution of their history. I believe their history intersected with secular history centuries ago, and has never recovered.

Billy Graham, the Gospel, and Rome (Scarlet Threads – Part Sixty-One)

How I love Billy Graham. What a great man of God! What a message he preached! And how powerfully! Could he have been as effective as he was if he had not been embraced by Rome? We’ll never know.

Post-Vatican Rome and Medjugorje (Scarlet Threads – Part Sixty)

Is Rome on the decline? It would seem that there is a movement in that direction. But I believe it is only temporary. I believe that many other religions will be called to form a New Rome before it is over. To help along the way, some visions?

A Short History of Pagodas

Today, many people all over the world have pagodas in their gardens. Some take on the structure of a gazebo and are big enough for people to sit in and have lunch. Others are small and act as decoration. They are a nice touch and add a creative element to basic landscaping.

Are We Cursed Or Blessed?

Erroneous ideas concerning blessing and cursing, based on an old covenant mentality have made their way into the Church, bringing confusion and misguided focus to believers. We are led to believe that problems in our lives, or in the lives of our families, can be traced to a curse which we are under and from which we need deliverance. What is the truth?

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