Delivered from demons he Had Since Childhood Testimony

Undercover Angels of the Mind – Could You Be One of Them?

There are angels among us. Some stand out in a crowd, some blend in. All of them work as miraculous healers, mostly behind the scenes. We usually do not even notice the quiet yet powerful work they do to transform our existence.

Christian Principles – They Found a Miracle Though There Was Love Without Faith

We all get confused at times. The evidence of past victories seems to have vanished from our memories. The love of God is in us, but there exist no longer a hope in miracles. What a sad moment it is when Christians stand empty of faith. And after it came, “…they remembered his words.”

How to Accept Jesus in to Your Life

Hospice stories are revealing on how individuals have their unique ways of accepting Jesus into their lives. “How can I be reconciled with my daughter?” “How do I get to heaven?” As a hospice chaplain, these are questions I’ve been asked.

Change – A Thing God Can Never Do

The Bible says that God is the same yesterday, today and forever, meaning that if God loved you yesterday, He still loves you today and will continue to love you forever. This is because He paid a price for you by sending Jesus to die for your sake, so God cannot change from loving to hating you.

The Things God Can Never Do

I have for some time now, been an avid follower of the Nigerian Legislative plenary, and I can assure you, it has just been fun all through. The interesting thing about being a Nigerian Parliamentary fan is that the Legislators have a way of letting us down.

Turning Good Information Into Responsible Action – The Difference Between Conceit and Humility

Television infomercials invite us to embrace the prospect of having a perfect body, perfect sleep, or perfectly clean air. And if we follow their reasoning, the results appear obvious – or at least we’re led to think so.

Ahamefule – Creating a Monument Through Continuity

A monument can be described as a building, column, statue, etc., that is built to remind people of a famous person or event, which in Igbo language means AHAMEFULE – My Name Must Not Be Lost. In the real sense of the word, Ahamefule tells us that when actions good or bad are continually repeated, they are made to stand before our very eyes as a monument or statue.

Listen to God and Live

The Word of God is replete of warnings that are made to guide and direct us. When we fail to follow God’s laws regarding ourselves, we fall into problems.

The Law and Love

Whenever Christians do something the world doesn’t like, self appointed experts begin to complain, saying, true Christianity is not about (fill in the blank) but about love. They complain when Christians abandon warm and fuzzy religiosity and actually do something that makes a difference in the world. They grumble, saying, Christianity does not belong in the market place, but safely behind the four walls of the Church were it won’t disrupt the lives of normal people.

Is the Universe Running the Planet?

My friend John asked me to write about the universe. I mentioned this to another friend, a fellow writer, and she said, “Oh my God. That is such a huge topic.” She thought my friend asked me to talk about the whole universe. Actually, he meant for me to discuss what I think about the usage of the term in daily conversation.

Kol Elohim

Words mean things. When we speak, the sound-waves continue longer than we can hear them, resonating in a circular motion until the wave becomes stretched so thin that the human ear cannot detect the noise any longer. These wavelengths reverberate and build upon one another, creating invisible matter.

The Regulative Principle of Worship (I) Reformation Worship & the Second Commandment

How is God to be worshipped? That is, what is the proper and acceptable way to worship God? Even kings of the earth have their “protocol” as to the manner in which they are to be approached. In the ancient world, to violate that protocol could jeopardize one’s life.

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