Delivered from Demons that made Him Lose Hope & Not Shower or Leave His House for 2 Years

Is the Gospel of Prosperity Being Used to Keep the Unjust Status Quo?

The fastest growing form of Christianity in much of the third world is the type you often see when you turn on the local TBN station. It is based on the idea that if you follow God closely and have faith, you will have wealth and prosperity. The natural thinking that can follow is that those who have wealth and power must be blessed by God, and those who are not must not have quite enough faith or following God closely.

Online Sermons – That Will Increase Your Finances

Online sermons will increase your finances if the topic is prosperity so if you need more money go to a website that offers free sermons on financial increase. Listening to prosperity sermons will increase your faith for money to pay your bills.

It Said Jesus Is a Liberal

How do you amuse yourself while driving home from work each day? I often like to study the people in the vehicles around me.

Corporate Sanctification – Holding Fast the Attainments of Reformation (Avoiding Church Backsliding)

There is a vast difference to be put between a time wherein the church is advancing in a course of reformation, and a time wherein she is declining and sliding back from that degree of reformation unto which she had already attained. In a time wherein the church is but coming out of darkness, and the day is but beginning to break up, many things may then be comported with and tolerated which may not be submitted unto after the church hath got all these abuses reformed.

Free Sermons – On How to Increase Your Finances

Read this and quickly learn how listening to God’s Word on financial increase will cause your finances to increase supernaturally. The more you hear of God’s Word you hear the faster your finances will increase.

The Sabbath Was Made For Man

Many Christians believe that the seventh day of creation was not the sabbath day of the fourth commandment and they use Jesus’ statement of “the sabbath was made for man and not man for the sabbath” to say, “see, the sabbath was made for man, therefore it’s not important that we keep the sabbath”. But these sincere Christians are missing an important point that Jesus was giving. Jesus said that the “sabbath was MADE for man”.

Importance and Significance of Namaz-e-Tasbeeh

Namaz-e-Tasbeeh or Salatul Tasbih is a special prayer having great virtues and benefits. Even though it is not mandatory to perform namaz-e-tasbeeh, it is recommended in hadith that one should perform this prayer on daily basis if possible if not then once in week, if that is not also possible then once in month, if once cannot perform this prayer once in a month then once should perform it once in a year and even if that is not possible then it is greatly emphasized to offer namaz-e-tasbeeh at once in a life time. Hadith has described great virtues and…

12 Reasons Most People Don’t Go to Church

In the earlier times, there was no organization of the local Church comparable with what we know today. Some Churches had leaders, sometimes called ‘elders’ or ‘bishops’ who taught and looked after the members. But many others had no ‘official’ leaders. Special gifts, such as preaching or healing or caring for others, were exercised by different members. There must have been great variety in the gatherings of these Churches, as different people took part.

Everyone Needs a Church – The Reason Why You Should

Yes, it is a true statement that everyone needs a Church, including YOU! People who have it all need a Church.

Bible Study Lessons – Spice Up Your Children’s Church Class With This Bible Lesson

It isn’t always easy to explain to your children’s church class the fact that they were created specially by God. This Bible study lesson will help you to make your point and segue into other Bible lessons.

Muslim Dynamics ISI – Osama-bin-Laden (OBL) Nexus

The article is aimed to generate world people response to my dream of Universal Human Brotherhood where entire world lives peacefully. In an attempt to find solution, understanding of Muslim world to live in harmony is essential ingredient of world peace. How Pakistan and Osama-bin-Laden are bleeding the world are some of the issues have been debated.

Washing the Dead, Fighting Beasts

What can the good apples do to counteract the spread of mold and rot? Nothing. Their only recourse is to avoid proximity. Paul’s argument here is that sin and the manifestations of sin are contagious and Christians need to avoid sin.

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