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Christmas Ideas for Your Missionary

Christmas is a great time of year to gather with your family and loved ones. If you have a missionary out in the mission field, then you are probably trying to figure out what to do for your missionary for Christmas since he will not be home. When missionaries are far from home for the holidays and unable to see their families, the best thing you can do is send them a Christmas package and let them know how much you love them.

Part II – Integrating Business and Faith

How to be a success in business. Using time-honored principles.

The Rapture – The Truth Among Deception

The Rapture, or “secret rapture” is a false teaching that allows for those that “missed the boat” a chance to give their lives to Christ after His church has been raptured up to Him. This dogma has been perpetuated by recent Christian fictional novels and continues to advance false hope that those we love can come to Christ after his chosen “vanish” in the blink of an eye.

What You Must Do When God Seems Distant

People find it easy to worship God when things are going great in life, when God has provided food, friends, family, health and happy situation. But when circumstances are not pleasant, how do you worship God?

Gift Ideas for LDS Missionaries

In the two years that your missionary is out serving in the mission field there are a lot of holidays, birthdays, and other special occasions. It is a known fact that missionaries love to receive packages in the mail and each of these occasions gives you a good excuse to send them a gift. If you have a hard time deciding what to send to your missionary, here are a few ideas.

Write Letters to Your Missionaries

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints has over 50,000 full time missionaries. Most of those missionaries are young men that the church refers to as elders. They go on missions as early as age 19. Female missionaries are called sisters and the earliest age they go out is 21. There are also many retired couples out serving as full time missionaries.

LDS Missionary Moms

LDS missionary moms are the best. They do their best to teach the gospel to their children and prepare their boys to serve missions. It is a bittersweet experience when they drop their son off at the missionary training center and say their goodbyes. For the two years that the missionary is gone it’s usually his mother that writes him most often and keeps him updated on what’s going on at home. If you are an LDS mom and plan on sending your boys off on missions, here are a few things to help them to prepare.

The LDS Missionary

An LDS missionary is a person that puts his life on hold and leaves his home and loved ones to go out and serve the Lord and preach the gospel. Male missionaries are called elders. Female missionaries are called sisters. Elders serve for two years, while sisters serve for 18 months. Missionaries are usually young adults ranging from ages 19 to 26, but there are also older missionaries, and many retired couples also serve missions together.

Go Out and Preach the Gospel

Are you preparing to serve a mission? Are you ready to leave your home and family for two years and preach the gospel to the world? Going on a mission will be an incredible experience and as many return missionaries say, it will be the best two years of your life. As an LDS missionary you have the opportunity to share the gospel, serve those around you and help build the kingdom of God. It is a large task, but by preparing now, you will be ready.

LDS Missionary Exercise

Do you have an LDS missionary getting ready to go out to the mission field? You have probably already created a checklist for what your missionary will need. He needs good walking shoes, a couple of nice suits, and a good set of scriptures, as well as other gospel study tools. Your missionary will only have two suitcases, so whatever you buy or pack, has to fit in them.

No Condemnation

Christianity is different from all other religions because Jesus spoke of salvation of the soul of man threw repentance of sin. Christians do not commit sin willfully, but by the uncontrolled actions of the mind. Unless the mind is controlled a man will sin.

The Cross and Christian Suffering

When we contemplate the state of Christian affairs in this twenty-first century, we cannot help but conclude that it is far removed from God. Christianity today has digressed to being little more than a passive compromise with sin. Yet, we know that “he who saves his life shall lose it and he who loses his life for my sake shall save it.”

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