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Beauty For Ashes

So often at the lost of a love one, a big disappointment, or some emotional heartbreak, our emotions race up and down like a roller coaster out of control. In a state of shock, we probe the past visiting the memories of that distressing incident as our imagination run wild wondering what could have been, but is not.

Consumerism and Buddhism

Consumerism is deeply enmeshed in the psyche of most Americans. Not only are we rewarded for spending money, we are cajoled and encouraged to do so. The advertising industry, itself a hugely profitable business, is paid to inform people that what they have, is not enough.

Tibetan Beads – The 2000 Year Tradition

According to traditions of Tibet, beads are used to brawl with devils and bad spirits. The colors and designs in the beads have their own symbolic meaning. It is also very important for feng shui because these colors stand for a number of diverse key elements.

What is the Meaning of Spiritual Symbols?

If you are trying to find spiritual symbols then you need not go anywhere. You are surrounded by spiritual symbols and they are touching your life either directly or indirectly. Still most people do not understand this fact because they do not have a lot of knowledge about it.

Religious Symbols and Their Meaning

There are numerous religions in the world. Each religion has various symbols which contain a specific meaning in that religion. These symbols can be in the form of artworks, acts, events and natural phenomena.

9 Hinduism Beliefs

The oldest religion on this planet is Hinduism. It has no beginning and this religion moved ahead with recorded history. It has no individual founder.

The Advantages of Online Bible Study

Since the use of the internet is ever-increasing (over one-billion people use it), it would stand to reason that it would be a prime place for evangelism outreach. No matter how small the possibility, if online Bible studies are offered, a web-surfer may run across it and stop to read.

The Significance of Children’s Bible Stories

If the Word of God were banned worldwide, and you, as a believer, had no way of possessing a Bible, yet you wanted your children to know the truth of God’s Word, what would you tell them? Since your telling them would be the only way they would ever hear, what stories would you consider most important?

What Are the Popular Children’s Bible Stories?

Imagine for a moment that the Bible has been forcefully removed from every country around the world. It is illegal to carry, and nearly impossible for anyone to get their hands on one. Being a believer in Jesus who has young children, you want them to understand the importance of God’s Word, and the only way they can know anything about it is if you tell it to them by word-of-mouth. What stories will you choose to tell them?

Vacation Bible School Lessons Pointing to the Lamb

How well do children know the Old Testament? Would it be beneficial to include parts of it in VBS lessons, or would it distract from the Gospel?

Emphasizing the Lamb in Vacation Bible School Lessons

I think the Old Testament is often overlooked as being the starting place for discovering why Jesus had to die, which is the Gospel. Through the Old Testament the sacrificial system is explained, and without that explanation, children (and adults) wouldn’t understand that Jesus’ death was the fulfillment of the ultimate sacrifice.

Testimonies That Will Help You Learn How (Not) To Evangelize

One day I decided to do some soul-winning, so I got all dressed for it (people should be able to tell I’m a soul-winner), grabbed my big Bible, and headed out. I found a perfect spot for evangelizing, so I waited there for someone to win.

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