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The Great Physician’s Dietary Prescription

(This article was inspired by my conversation with a Muslim named Shahid while I witnessed for Yahshua’ Christ.) In Antioch an issue arose concerning whether or not the Early Christian community should observe the Mosaic Law. The Apostle Paul argued the position that what we do matters not one bit, because only faith in Christ justifies us.

Church Marketing – Is Your Church Involved in Your Community Or Vice Versa?

Is your church a part of the community? Oh really? Can you name something that your church has done recently or is currently doing that makes your church a value in your community? This article explores the changes that are happening at churches that is having them look at how they can be an integral part of their communities.

The Inner Teaching of Islam

With all religions there is an outer teaching and the Inner Teaching. Since the Beginning the Path to the Inner Teaching, known as the Tree of Life (‘Etz Hayyim), has been concealed (Genesis 3:24).

Satan’s Team

Satan has been defeated by arch-angel Michael and has been cast out of Heaven onto the earth. Was this revolt caused by God’s decision to send Jesus Christ to earth to provide a means by which mankind could be saved from eternal damnation in the lake of burning sulfur?

Three Keys to Prosperity

I want to give you three very important keys to prosperity. I realize that volumes have been written on this topic. These are by no means the only keys to prosperity, but I think they are among the most important.

Christians Need to Band Together in Their Fight For the Truth

Someone once said united we stand and divided we fall. Christians need to band together in their search for the truth and really get down to the nuts and bolts of Christianity. How many Christians are tired of listening to nonbelievers, tear their religion apart, one verse, one page and one book at a time.

Where Are the Seven Churches Located in the Book of Revelations?

Before I give you the answer, I would like to ask you a couple of questions. Do you think that these churches are spread out all over the world? Do you think that they are strategically located? And the last question that I would like to ask. Are any of them located within the United States, or even North or South America?

Good Christians Really Do Inspire Me

One of the best Christians who I ever met, truly inspired me and everyone around him to become a better person. His son is now working at a church and his daughter is a teacher and they’re not the only people who he inspired.

Throwing Off Spiritual Complacency

The church in general has been much too complacent about the judgment of God. We want all of His blessings; yet we don’t want to follow all of His Commandments. It’s time to throw off complacency.

Adam and Eve Weren’t Ever Married – Why Doesn’t the Bible Mention This?

This might shock most Christians, but I truly believe that the Bible doesn’t state anywhere about God marring Adam and Eve or that they were married by someone else. I know that God took a rib from Adam and created Eve, and that’s truly believable. Anyone that doesn’t believe that definitely isn’t a real Christian.

Time For the Truth – Exposing Atheism

How long are Christians going to be pestered by atheists? It seems like every time a Christian goes around the corner, turn the television on, reads an article on the Internet or watches a video, there is an atheists there telling them not to believe in an invisible God.

The Biblical Christianity of the Reformation Versus the Enlightenment Being Promoted by the Media

The news media has dubbed the Obama era as the “new Enlightenment”. This moniker is intended to be complimentary toward the president and his policies. A cursory understanding of the original Enlightenment will reveal two things; one, the label fits, and two, if you love God and freedom, there is nothing complimentary about it.

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