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What Is It Like To Lose Your Soul

One could conclude that the soul is the intellect, our emotions, the essential part of us that distinguishes us from other animals and the spirit is the supernatural or god like part of mankind. In Gen. 2:7, when man became a living soul, what made him different from the other creatures that God made was that he had a soul, an intellect, and emotions.

How To Text Your Way To A Miracle

Are your fingers too short to text a message to God. You can do it. Try, you might discover a miracle.

Sincerity Is Not Enough

Have you ever heard stories of mothers on the other side of the world who threw their babies to crocodiles as part of their worship? I don’t know if there are still mothers that do this, but if when and they did, you’ll have to admit that it would have to take a sincere mother to throw her baby to crocodiles. It is possible for a poor heathen mother, coming out of the darkness of heathenism, to be in the process of being led by God into greater light and truth, and a clearer understanding of what God is…

Sri Krishna – Akhand Brahmachari – The Eighth Avatar of Vishnu

Among Ram and Krishna, the two avatars of Vishnu, the latter is the more colourful one. Rama, in contrast, is the upholder of the highest moral values and defender of the righteous order, he is also somewhat aloof. Krishna, on the other hand, is the playful deity, who comes and touches people’s lives in myriad ways.

The Dangers of Destructive Churches and Cults

This articles looks at the dangers of destructive churches. It highlights the fact that not all religious cults make headline news but that dangerous practices could be taking place at what seems like a mainstream Christian church. It points out some of the common traits of destructive church groups with the hope that those affected will be encouraged to seek help.

What The Conspiracy Theorists Need To Know

We are being bombarded by conspiracy theorists every single day, they are on the move to warn the world of the elites movement to create a New World Order. These theorists blame many elite prosperous families from the Rosthchilds, Kennedys, Bilderburgs, to organizations such as the Illuminati, Skull and Bones etc. The popular theorists such as Alex Jones, Lindsey Williams control organizations such as,, and

The Bible Myths – Part III

The story of Adam and Eve begins 46,000 BC with the destruction of the last “modern” age and the advent of “advanced” technology. This was a time of great division within society, a time when the rich and powerful had access to technology capable of making one immortal or at least elongate life to an unknown time, way into the future. This division in society is a natural aspect of the “evolutionary cycle”. So God created Adam and then took a rib from him and created Eve. If one keeps an open mind, this sounds a lot like genetic manipulation. It is a logical possibility, so for the sake of exploration let’s stay with this possibility and follow this path to its logical conclusion.

The Last Message of Daniel – 15 – The Return of Antiochus and the End of the World

Here is the heart of the Daniel prophecy. Antiochus has been here. But Antiochus returns. The “return” to Jerusalem of Daniel’s account matches nothing in history, But it does match the account of the coming of the man of sin foretold by Jesus, Paul, and John. The connection is inseparable…

3 Things God Cannot Do

When we think of God probably the first things that comes to our mind is He is Almighty and All-powerful. If He is Almighty and All-powerful then there is nothing He cannot do right? On the contary, He cannot do three things, fail, lie and cannot be pleased without Faith.

Divorce and the Catholic Church: Irreconcilable Differences?

Divorce is widely accepted in most parts of the world. But religion and divorce are sometimes difficult to reconcile. The Protestant faith considers both marriage and divorce secular matters, handled by civil authorities. And while Islam strongly condemns divorce, Muslims also allow it. The Roman Catholic Church, however, views marriage as a sacrament and does not allow divorce.

1 Very Urgent Message for the Body Of Christ

Many ministers of the Lord are tired in this season of harvesting souls for Christ. So I pray Gods refreshing rest to come upon every servant of the Lord and for Abba Father to cradle you in His arms as you sleep at night. So that you will wake up refreshed each day, ready and energized both physically and spiritually to complete the task set before you.

The Parables of Jesus Christ – A Simple Overview

If you are like me, you will have found that the parables of Jesus Christ are quite easy to understand on the surface, and yet they beg for you to dig deeper to find out the real meanings of them. For many years I have looked for a book that could open up the meanings of the parables of Jesus Christ and yet a book eluded me.

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