Delivered from Trauma, Rage & Anger

Freedom From Religion?

What faith or religion one belongs to, or no religion or faith, doesn’t matter. But something else does. And without this something else, which has no relationship to any particular beliefs or non-beliefs, enlightenment is not possible. So what could this be, this universal requirement for enlightenment; this applicable-to-all proposition that can free humankind?

The Reasons Why Jesus Christ Came

The coming of our Lord Jesus Christ into this world was not by accident; rather it was predetermined by God because God in his omniscience knew that man would certainly need him. He came for our own benefit and not for our harm as some are wont to believe.

Christian Anxiety – The Good and the Bad

We are all afraid of something, but a Christian is not supposed to have anxiety, right? “Be anxious for nothing.” On the other hand, Christians are supposed to fear God. How can that be? Can you imagine yourself as a child both loving and being a little afraid of a wise and good human father?

We Must Seek God First in Everything, Including Government

After reading an article about Glenn Beck and how people are focusing on his comments instead of what is important, I was slightly frustrated. Okay, really frustrated.

Hymns Help Bring the Spirit in Church Services

Hymns bring the Spirit in Church Service. Music at church provides a way to strengthens a person’s own spirituality and others. Music helps teach the doctrine of the church and bring happiness and solitude for all.

Christian Object Lessons – How to Develop a Creative Mindset

Developing Christian object lessons is a mindset. I’ve been putting them together for years and I think they are simply the coolest, most fun part of any Bible lesson.

What is Holy Living?

We cannot understand what Holy living is unless we first know what it means to be Holy. To be holy simply means to be set aside for God’s use or service.

Biblical Covenants – From Creation to the Flood – God’s Covenant With Noah and What it Means For Us

A covenant is essentially an agreement between two or more person or parties. Biblical covenants are fundamentally different from all other covenants. In biblical covenants the Lord is usually the initiator of the covenant. Generally, the Lord lays out all the covenant requirements, conditions and consequence. The other party or parties, usually, cannot negotiate the terms, they either accept or reject them.

Unconditional Love

Unconditional love means to love someone regardless of their actions or their beliefs. Unconditional love is the rawest and purest form of love that can ever be expressed. This type of love is not always displayed but can be found commonly in marriages and parent to child relationships. Relationships can’t survive without unconditional love this is the reason for divorces, for parents abandoning their children, and friendships ending. It is odd that where unconditional love should count the most we don’t find it and that is in man’s relationship with God.

The Sun Goes Black – The Moon Turns to Blood – What Does This Mean and When Does it Happen?

The sun becomes dark and there is no light from the heavens. The moon becomes as blood. The sun, the moon, and the stars that were given to be a guide to man, for signs, for seasons, and for days and for years, fail to provide a basic orientation and direction for life in this earth.

Bible Games For Children – How to Play With Purpose

Playing games in church… are you kidding? I mean, church is meant to be quiet, right?

The Failure of Secular Materialism As the New Mythology

Every culture throughout history has had a unifying myth that explained its origin and destiny. The highly secularized cultures of contemporary western civilization have tried to insert secular materialism as the new mythology. This has brought many bizarre and unintended results.

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