Got an Empty Heart and Want to Fill It?

Do you feel fulfilled? If you have spent time trying to find fulfillment in material possessions, in traveling and sightseeing, in good food and fine clothing, in fame and power, have you been able to find what you’re looking for? If not, do you know why not?

The Brutality of Constantine Who Established Christianity

There could be no Christianity before Constantine because he invented Jesus Christ. What existed before was Chrishna (Krishna) on whom the new Saviour was modelled.

Expository Preaching and the Grace of God

Expository preaching resists the temptation to go for quick-fix results. It takes more time, but it bears lasting fruit.

Tough Times Are Inevitable, But Don’t Let Them Make You Miserable! Conquer Trials With Longsuffering

When life gets tough, how do you react? Do you throw your hands up in the air in resignation? Or do you patiently endure your difficult circumstances? Tough times are unavoidable and inevitable; but you don’t have to let them make you miserable!

Is This Really Progress?

I know this question raises a doubt, but it’s good now and again to do a ‘reality check’. After all, we already know how quickly the world can change and powerful new movements suddenly destabilise what we had thought were once great nations. So, how would you check if our world today was marked by progress?

The Communal Tendency

The Islamic Legislation prioritizes the happiness and welfare of the society as a whole rather than just focusing on individuals. The communal tendency is not just limited to monetary values but has a broader sense.

Who Or What Is 666?

The role of 666 in today’s world is to hide the real God and make the followers of religion fight each other. This is in the prophecy laid down to bring the world to the end of days.

The Invention Of Jesus Christ Tricked The World

Brainwashing is powerful and ensures that victims of religious indoctrination are life-long followers of the dreams. The real God has no image and needs no such brain-washing to be known and felt by its people.

Seven Attributes of Spiritual Beings

One may hold specific religious convictions and still not be a spiritual person. Spirituality is not something one wears on his or her sleeve nor is it something one puts on when occasion demands. Spirituality means connecting to and realizing we are a part of the natural world, connecting to that which cannot be named, and to the Cosmos itself.

Who Or What Is The Biblical Israel?

Israel in the bible refers only to the people of God. They are not those of a country or nation, but the ones who have inherited the Spirit and who are searching for truth at this time.

Religion Is Action!

Religion is walking the talk. Religion is not a liturgy and ritualistic performance, but an outward action for others to see.

Obedience To God – The Truth About What’s Missing

Being obedient to all of God’s rules and laws seem impossible. Read on to find out the truth of what you are really missing by being obedient.

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