The Greatest Threat to America

The biggest concern among thinking Americans today is the threat of terrorism, more especially home grown terrorism. While terrorism is a major threat to our safety and wellbeing there is another threat even more dangerous. We have become our own worst enemy.

Breaking Your Trust Vs Almost Breaking Your Trust – Is There Any Difference? A Look at Adam and Eve

If Yahweh God Almighty had stopped Adam and Eve from taking the forbidden fruit and eating it, everything would be fine and there would not be any sin or suffering, right? Perhaps, perhaps not.

Inexpressible Joy!

There is a joy that is above every human condition, above all bitterness pain or tear, above all suffering and misery, above all human challenge, above all hunger and need, a Joy that’s well above ourselves. There is an inexpressible joy, which is beyond our understanding, which cannot be impregnated by the wickedness or the needs of man.

The Leadership Legacy

For years, I have wondered about the man for whom Cleburne, Texas was named. Recently my questions were answered.

Protection From Negative Energy

Practical Kabbalah is a means of re-establishing order by bringing the light of G-d into our lives. Whenever you feel like nothing is going the way you want it to, or seem to be afflicted by bad luck, Kabbalistic Amulets can help you protect yourself from harm.

The Essential Teachings and Messages of the Bible, the Word of God

What are some of the core truths or messages of the Bible? Every Christian has the responsibility to study the Bible for its teachings, precepts and principles on their own, but here, I’ll provide an outline of the core teachings of God’s Word.

Bible Study for Beginners – The Benefits of an Online Group Bible Study

When I first began reading and actually studying the bible five years ago, I studied alone. I found free online bible studies that had outlines of what to read each day and I journaled what spoke to me. This was a time of tremendous growth for me as a Christian. I learned that you can take your time when you read the bible and that is how to really listen to what God has to say through His word. It just worked for me.

Ireland At The Crossroads

Nations go through huge social upheavals as they adapt to the ever-changing world scene. The Republic of Ireland is one such; successfully independent from the United Kingdom for close on 100 years, modern Ireland is a secure part of the European Union. Internationally admired for its warm hospitality, its music, its literary giants and well-educated vibrant people, today, as the proposal to legalise same-sex marriage is about to be decided by a national referendum on 22nd May 2015, Ireland stands at the crossroads.

The Church and Money

If we were to take money out of the equation, how different would the Church be? Maybe one of the reasons the Church is failing to exhibit the Kingdom of God is we are exhibiting a different kingdom.

Let There Be Thought: Biblical Metaphysics and the Story of Creation

Metaphysics is the branch of philosophy that deals with abstract concepts such as being, knowing, substance, cause, time, and space; it deals with the concept of the undefined. Christian metaphysics attempts to clarify how we understand our existence in the world through the Bible.

Why Doesn’t Yahweh God Stop Satan the Devil From Causing Trouble to the World?

Doesn’t Yahweh God Almighty know everything, even before things happen? If so, why hasn’t He prevented Satan from causing trouble in the world?

Counting the Quran

The numerous and frequent violent acts perpetrated by Islamic radicals had me curious to see if their holy book – the Quran – supports such acts. This article is a summary of the frequency at which I found specific phrases within the text.

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