Different Ways to Summon and Bind Djinn

The djinn are mentioned numerous times in the quran and Islamic cultures. They can be either male or female, and procreate the same way humans do. They have been known to mate with humans on occasion, sometimes resulting in half human half djinn offspring.

Why Isn’t Heaven For All When ‘God Is Love’?

Some subjects deals with important questions, some with ultimate issues like an eternity in the glory of heaven or the everlasting judgement of hell. While it may be discussed from different angles, this article offers a biblical answer that I hope speaks to your need.

The Strategy of the Gospel

There is a strategy to the Gospel, and to the spread of the Gospel. It is a strategy that requires wisdom, humility, and cunning. Have you got it?

Why My Heart Alone

Worship as people all say is between man and God. We have bottled it, I don’t need to do anything because God knows my heart. In this Article we see through the scripture and go through what God says about worship and the heart…

Science Vs Theology – Which Disciplines Do These Two Tenets Have In Common?

Often considered incompatible, science and theology have common disciplines. The rules of science, for example, require the precise measurement of factual information and their honest interpretation. Parallel to these disciplines, religion and theology also require spiritual precision and truthfulness. Yet, both of these tenets face strong worldly forces wanting to control what that truth is.

When Love Conquers the World

Love conquers the world when surrender, sacrifice, and serenity characterise a person. Nothing can stand before love and not be either transformed or defeated.

Reverse Evolution

The consensus among those who would be classified as non Christians is that man has evolved from a lower life form. Some believe man snaked his way up the life chain from a fish to four legged creatures and from there to two legged animalistic forms such as apes and gorillas. If that theory is true, why do we still have monkeys and their similar ancestral phylum wandering menacingly around this sphere of chaotic confusion?

How God Rebuilds a Broken Man

The man who is truly convicted by the Spirit of God is made a new creation overnight. And God will not have that man – a man of God – condemned.

Francis: A Papal Surprise

Most of us were expecting a well-known cardinal like Scola or Ouellet or Schonborn to be elected pope in the conclave of 2013. Instead, we got a papal surprise–Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio, Archbishop of Buenos Aires, Argentina, was chosen as the 266th pontiff of the Roman Catholic Church.

Peter the Rock of the Catholic Church

Constantine used everything available to make his religion credible. The temple of Jupiter became the Church of St. Peter and the home of the Vatican. The old gods could not be overlooked so they were incorporated.

Heaven and Hell and Constantine’s Conspiracy

The thought of suffering forever in a pool of fire has been a major influence in the success of religion. Scientists who worked to uncover the role of nerves in the human body were victimised by fundamentalists because of the threat the knowledge has imposed against these weapons of mass destruction. Many have died or been persecuted to keep people ignorant.

A Personal Prayer Pilgrimage, Part II

This is the conclusion of an observation of my own personal prayer pilgrimage. As children of God, we all have a unique relationship with Him, but some things are the same. He loves us and wants to hear from us.

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