DEMON Attacks TB Joshua… And FAILS!!!

Does Islam Oppress Women?

As I read this quote I smiled realizing how true this was. I could never understand how a man could possibly understand what we women go through. Just as I don’t understand how men could understand what we women experience, I can’t understand where people who don’t practice a certain faith, or have depth knowledge about it, make assumptions about it. Living in the States, it is wonderful in many ways. We have freedom of Religion, Freedom of Speech, and Freedom to be who we are.

Tell Me Which Are the Most Important Secrets When it Comes to Praying and Prayer – Here is One!

Are there any secrets when it comes to praying? Not really. When people have asked me to speak to them or teach them on how to pray I have been reluctant to do so, because what I have encouraged them to do on each occasion is simply to go and pray. Start with ten minutes or so and then lengthen it until you can stay before the throne of God for a considerable period. Of course, you can pray no matter where you are. You can pray out for a walk or at the sink or lying in bed. The important thing is that you pray. Doing that will inevitably be proved to be a wise spiritual investment.

Who Do I Worship Jesus Or God?

If I’m Jewish, there’s not even a question here. I would worship God and never think about worshiping Jesus. If I’m a Muslim, I wouldn’t think about worshiping Jesus either, I would worship God or Allah. However, if I’m a Christian, I need to worship Jesus, God and the Holy Spirit or each one of them individually and it gets kind of confusing.

How Powerful Are Your Beliefs?

It doesn’t really matter what religion you believe in, what matters is that you educate yourself to find out more about it. Our mind is so powerful that it can produce facts from simple beliefs with very little evidence. Once you start to believe in any religion, you will soon find yourself reinforcing these simple beliefs, with other similar beliefs, until you have created an environment that you assume to be true, without questioning its origins.

How to Write Christian Articles – Selecting a Good Title

I wouldn’t really consider myself an expert on writing Christian articles, but I can give those who are interested in learning a little bit more insight on how to write great Christian articles. The title is going to be the most important thing, because it is going to be the first thing that anyone will be looking at.

3 Tips on How to Exercise Your Faith Beyond Measure

To have faith is to believe in something or someone. “Faith is being sure of what we hope for, and certain of what we do not see.” (Hebrews 11:1 NIV).

Literary Treasures of Christianity

The Bible is full of literary treasures and some of these can benefit Christianity, while others produce hatred and can harm the unfortunate recipients whom this hatred is directed at. I know that most Christians don’t want to hear anything that suggests any problems in the Bible, but you’ve got to learn to take the good with the bad.

How Long Shall God’s Mercy Endure?

In Genesis 3: 15, God said to Satan, “And I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed; it shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise his heel.” Enmity: deep seated dislike, hatred, hostility or the quality of being an enemy. Being in a state of enmity with God is deadly serious. If we choose to love the things of the world, we are choosing to hate the things of God.

Is God the Author of Confusion? Studying the Bible

There are thousands if not millions and possibly even billions of Christians who believe that there isn’t anything wrong with the Bible. They believe that the Bible is the ultimate inerrant Word of God. For those of you who don’t know what the word inerrant means, it means, any thing incapable of making a mistake or in other words the Bible would be a book containing no mistakes.

How Do Our Past Beliefs in Religion Affect Our Future?

Any intelligent person can look at a young child, someone between the ages of five and 15 and clearly see the effects of their parent’s religious beliefs. I have a nephew that is seven years old and his mother is a strong believer in Christianity.

Longevity of the Patriarchs

Longevity of the Patriarchs reveals the startling fact that Adam was still alive when Lamech, Noah’s father, was 56 years old! Most churches or Bible studies do not go this far in depth when studying the Scriptures. In fact, except for Adam, Seth, and Enoch (who was translated into Heaven), the remaining descendants of Adam were all alive at the time of Noah’s birth. Many people believe that Adam had children then died, Seth had children then died, and so on. Well, that may be true, but they all lived well over 800 years and saw many generations being born after them. Read this fascinating new article about the sons of Adam.

Why All Christians Should Be Baptized in Water

All Christians know that Jesus was baptized in water, and that at his command they too are to undergo the ritual. In today’s Church, there are debates over the meaning, mode, and application of baptism. These debates may be solved biblically by asking the question, “Where does baptism originate?”

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