Miracles in Christianity

Throughout the history of Christianity, many miracles have been performed. They are usually extraordinary displays of God’s power and provide proof of His sovereignty. They affect the way Christians respond to trials and difficulties.

Miracles in the Bible include supernatural appearances of angels, demons being cast out of people, and animals speaking in extraordinary ways. They also show God’s authority over creation and the extent to which He controls creation.

The gospel authors mention several miracles performed by Jesus. He cast out demons, administered divine healing, performed miracles of the resurrection, and proclaimed the gospel of the kingdom.

The Bible is full of first-hand accounts of God’s miraculous power. But it is not uncommon for Christians to ignore supernatural ministry or falsify it. Some churches avoid supernatural ministry while others chase after it.

Among indigenous Africans, miracles are a significant part of Christian experience. Despite opposition from missionaries, indigenous Africans have always believed in the power of God. They believe that God works miracles in response to the advancement of the gospel.

African cosmology believes that every life situation has a spiritual meaning. They interrogate themselves for causality. They see God in the miraculous, and are reassured by the power of the gospel.

The Bible tells us that Jesus was the miracle worker of the ages. He performed many miracles, and he commanded authority to cast out demons.

The Bible also tells us that the apostles did many miraculous signs. The Book of Acts is aptly named ‘acts of the apostles’.

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