Christianity and Miracle Healing


Christianity and Miracle Healing

Christianity believes in the power of prayer. Prayer can heal the sick and forgive sins. The Bible describes Satan as a serpent of old who deceives the world. According to the Bible, Satan is the one who blinds the vast majority of mankind and will be cast into the bottomless pit when Christ comes back.

In the gospel of Matthew, Jesus tells Peter that he was revealed as the Messiah by his Father in heaven. The Father in heaven then opens the disciples’ eyes in his time. Similarly, Peter learned who Jesus of Nazareth was by a revelation from heaven. Jesus’ identity was hidden from the demons until the day of divine revelation came.

Jesus taught people through miracles. He taught them that the Kingdom of God was near. He manifested the presence of the Kingdom by performing healing miracles. These miracles could not be ignored. This brought the word of the Messiah to the ears of people from faraway places. As a result, Jesus’ ministry spread and grew.

Christ also battled the Devil and demons. His religion was very different from the liberalism of the day. He was beyond his time and was not tied to human limitations.

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