Demon POSSESSED boxer gets SAVED!?

Why Jesus Wasn’t Born on Christmas

While December is the time of the holiday season, it is not when Jesus was born. Find out when the Messiah’s birth was really to happen and why. Plus consider what a king is really meant to be from the Wizard of Oz, Titanic and the life of Elvis.

The 15th Century Programme of the Islamic World

The passing away of the Epochal period of fourteen centuries of the Islamic History, and the appearance of the ambiguous, uncertain horizons of the fifteenth century, bears a particular rather extraordinary traditional significance for the Muslims. The beginning of 15th century is regarded as the beginning of some extraordinary revolution in the world.

Blood of Jesus

The story I am going to tell here is a true life story. But for obvious reasons; no name will be mentioned, and any one who insists is only forcing me to invoke the Fifth Amendment! But jokes apart, this story is a case of NDE- near death experience.

Why Is A Name Important?

This is an article about the importance of our name. With all e strange and made up names that we give our Children it is a wonder that it could be pronounced but that is not the scary part. The scary part is what do these names mean?

Islam Is Not a Religion

Islam is not a religion it’s a way of life. The purpose of religion is to teach you how to behave in a way that will elevate your body, mind and soul. If you are a believer of a faith then this knowledge comes from a higher source so in the case of Islam the way to live your life for the betterment of mankind is from Allah through His revelations to the Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings upon him) in the Quran.

666 And the Anti Christ

The issue of the anti inspired fear and awe for those who concern themselves with it. Some claim the antichrist will have a human mother and the devil as his father-more like Damien of the Exorcist fame. Others believe he is already around and is waiting in the wings to take over world power. But who is the anti Christ? This essay provides a surprising answer.

Are You Really Religious?

Apart from rituals, each religion tries to solve the questions regarding the meaning of existence. It solves our existential crisis each individual confronts at some phase of his life. Existential crisis begins when one’s mind begins to probe about the meaning of existence.

Sojourner Truth: A Spirit-Driven Life Yields Success Against the Odds

Isabella Baumfree, or more commonly known as Sojourner Truth, was born into slavery to Elizabeth and James Baumfree on the Hardenbergh plantation located in a Dutch settlement in upstate New York in 1797. In today’s trying times, we can all learn volumes about perseverance in the midst of hard times through her life.

Who Is Jesus?

Who exactly is Jesus? An angel? A Prophet? Just a good man? A created being but one that is lower than God? How can we know?

How May We Distinguish Between True and False Prophets?

If you went to a Ford dealership they would tell you that Ford makes the best cars. If you then went to a Toyota dealership, they would tell you that Toyota makes the best cars.

Uniting Christian Churches Simply on the Basis of Fundamental Doctrine Leads to Latitudinarianism

There methods by which Christians may be deceived, and the interests of religion deeply injured, under the pretext or with the view of uniting its friends. Among these I know none more imposing, nor from which greater danger is to be apprehended in the present time, than that which proceeds on the scheme of principles usually styled latitudinarian.

The Fullness of Time!

Millions of these girls and many of the boys will wind up as sex slaves somewhere in the world. Sad statistics indeed, and our impotence is evident, as the powers that be pay little or no attention to this matter, and evil forces in the world have created a trade market around this unfortunate situation. But when the fullness of time had come, God sent forth his Son, born of woman, born under the law, to redeem those who were under the law, so that we might receive adoption as sons.

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