DEMON That Possessed Her Womb LEFT!!

The Rest Is Simply Noise

I hope you have a blessed and fun filled 2017! We are still busy with Paul’s letters and he offers us a glimpse of his life BC (before Christ). Indeed a shining example for others to follow.

Because I Have a Friend

We were quite poor when I was small. We were a large family and my parents did not always have enough money to buy food.

Achilles Heel

I’m writing this while we’re on holiday in the peaceful Knysna forest. It is early morning, 1 January, and the camp is quiet.

To Really Know Jesus

When teenagers fall in love, they can talk for hours and they simply can’t get enough of each other. It’s as if everything else have become so much less important.

A Paradigm Shift

I often use the term paradigm shift. Especially when I’m serious about changes to be made, either through new ideas or new thinking or even changed behaviour.

Jesus Does Everything

God entered into a covenant with Abraham. He would be a God to Abraham.

God First

For most of us it is important what others think or say about us. How others see and experience us sometimes become so important that it makes us do some funny things.

Believing Differently Is Also Fine

Do you know what really irritates me? When people who believe differently from me makes me feel inferior about the way I believe.

Complain Endlessly

14Do everything readily and cheerfully-no bickering, no second-guessing allowed! Wow, this is a bit strong on an empty stomach.

Painting in the Making

We must realize that our picture is not finished yet. Some spots still need work.

Lights on

Most people who do not know God often do not have fine qualities. Love is missing from their foundation and their actions are often characterized by a lack of love.

Too Busy for Jesus

Paul was concerned about the young Christians in Philippi. Someone had to go and see them.

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