Demons Blaspheming The Preacher!

Daily Christian Devotional Bread Focusing on David and Goliath

A Bible lesson I learn from the character of King David, as he accepted the challenge of Goliath. In modern spiritual warfare, there will always be giant temptations and despair, and to win is to have a character like of David.

The Day That No Man Knows

When I looked up the “day that no man knows,” it actually is a 48 hour period, which is two days! This is the beginning signaling the fall Jewish celebration of Rosh HaShanah, Feast of Trumpets, or Yom Teruah.

What I Saw For 2014 ~ Part II

Did you know that there are two kinds of promises in the Word of God? One is un-conditional and the other is conditional. Most of the promises you and I receive are the “conditional ones.” That is the Lord says, “I will do this if you will do that.”

What I Saw for 2014 – Part 1

As I was waiting on the Lord concerning the upcoming year of 2014, I saw Him take what looked like two cords and bring them together. He did this in the way that you would take two electrical cords and plug them into each other. The strange thing about it was that there were no visible connectors, He just brought them together and there was a mighty flashing and sparks flying as they fused. I then could see the power race around the unified circle of these cords. Once they were fused they became one unending circle.

Unclick It

Why is it that so many places of worship are inundated with clicks? How do these clicks affect the visitor to their citadels?

Social Media In Your Church?!

Is your Church using the power of Social Media as a means for reaching out to your community? If not, then you better keep reading because the old “word-of-mouth” advertising for your Church has officially gone social, Social Media that is.

Faithful Like Christ

In the book of Hebrews, the writer tells us that both Jesus and Moses were faithful. Moses was faithful as a servant in God’s house, whereas Jesus was faithful as a Son over God’s house. All believers are called to be faithful like Jesus was faithful. Faithfulness is the product of authentic faith. A person who lacks faith will not be faithful.

What Attributes Does God Have?

Who is God and why does he matter? What defines him? Where do we find him? Have we most our moral compass without him? Where are we headed from here?

Girls, Serpents, Trees and Sex Make Long-Term Best Sellers

Ancient myths from around the world feature common themes — girls, serpents, trees, gods, immortality. The only one that has any real meaning is the Jewish myth of creation because the Christian gospel is built on it. That this myth spread as people migrated from the garden of Eden to all parts of the world could explain why there are garbled versions of the story everywhere. In God’s lecture to Adam and Eve after their sin He indicated that a future descendant (presumably Jesus) would rectify the situation by crushing the serpent whilst suffering heel damage. Strangely enough a number of pagan myths feature gods suffering foot or heel damage.

The Story of Joseph’s Early Life (Age 17-30) and the Life Lessons To Learn

Imagine you are one of the youngest of 12 brothers in a pretty dysfunctional family set up. You’re picked on, mostly because you’re Dad’s favourite. Your brothers get sick of you one day and decide to lock you away in a disused house out-of-town. No matter how much you scream you cannot be heard. Living on a cup of water a day and some stale bread crusts, while your brothers ponder for days what they should do with you: What do you feel; what do you think; what do you fear?

Are We Slowing Our Species Evolution To the Point of Devolving?

Is it possible to devolve, or is evolution both, as it is progress and change. In other words, evolving backwards in some abilities but forward in other ones is both devolving and evolving. Our athletic prowess as a species (overall) is falling off, but mentally we seem to have higher IQs and overall intelligence. But in all of this change could it be said that we are basically eliminating “survival of the fittest” and thus, we’ve stopped our evolutionary potential? Ah, such good questions.

Understanding Religions Without Tears

Religions were created by humanity, to achieve harmony and happiness in society. Religions have not succeeded so far and failed to achieve the goal. Humanity has failed to resolve inter-religion and intra-religion issues. Violence and bloodshed are everywhere in the world since the dawn of history. What is a religion? It is a combination of beliefs/rituals and behavior. What is an ideal behavior? All religions have nearly same benchmark. Each religion differs from other religions for its beliefs, rituals and mythology. Thus we need to develop tolerance towards beliefs and rituals of other religions.

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