How Can Pastors Help Their Congregations Regarding the Same-Sex Marriage Issue?

WE should be mature congregations in the Lord, able to respectfully hold to our differences and still love one another. A fact that pastors need to wrestle with is this: same-sex marriage, couched in terms of ‘marriage equality’, is already a divisive issue in the church. If it hasn’t actually surfaced yet in your congregation it’s only a matter of time before it will.

Church, When Same-Sex Marriage Law Comes Into Being

EVERYONE it seems is having a go at this subject, so I might as well weigh in, for what it’s worth. My contribution will be shorter and much less intellectual and biblically-savvy than others I’ve read. I will keep within my own bounds of God’s leading on this occasion.

The Significance of Charanamrit

Religious, historical and, scientific importance of Charanamrit. We are giving different recipes for the preparation of Charanamrit.

Fulfilling Tomorrow’s Yesterdays

Empty todays are a result of unproductive yesterdays. What we do in the here and now will determine our future challenges.

Five Reasons to Move Out of the City Before Fall

Type JADE HELM or Martial Law into YouTube. If you can see military, “standing where it ought not,” (Mark 13:14), put your place up for sale and get out before fall.

It Is Not Enough to BE a Christian

Being a Christian is not enough. There is more. Living a Christian life is required. The question is how do we do that. This article share the importance of acting as opposed to talking and thinking when it comes to living the Christian life. Certainly we are needy of direction but talking and thinking about it falls short of what God intended.

5 Things Muslim Women Should Never Do In Ramadan

Ramadan is a time for spiritual renewal and development. There are the 5 Things Muslim Women Should Never Do In Ramadan to have a healthy and productive Ramadan.

The Origins of Kabbalah

According to Kabbalah tradition, the first man was a Mekubal, as were Abraham, Issac, Jacob and many others. Among the more noted of the Kabbalah books you can find the Book of the Angel Raziel, which belonged to Adam, and to the Book of Creation, which is ascribed to Abraham, followed by the Book of Zohar, which was written by Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai. As a matter of fact, there is no way to determine the true author of these books.

Why Religion Is All Bull

The bull features in every religion in one form or another. Its mate is the cow which by another name is called Mary, the Star of Heaven.

The Mentality That Brings Possibility

“Now the LORD had said unto Abraham, get thee out of thy country, and from thy kindred, and from thy father’s house, unto a land that I will show thee.” (Genesis 12:1) When God said, “come out of your country, come out of your tribe and come out of your father’s house.” He was not saying you were no longer from your country or that you were not born into your family.

A Tale of Two Cities, Babylon and Jerusalem: Is Our Religion Symbolical or Spiritual?

Ancient Babylon was humbled for seven years. The issues are more subtle now, but we may expect a similar humbling for an end-time seven years that will affect Babylon’s systems of medicine, education, welfare, government, correction and religion.

The Emotion Called Jealousy

Are people drawing us to positive jealousy, where we desire to be better Christians? Or are we envious of other Believers to the degree that we hope they will fail, which then will minimize our own own failures?

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