Demons cast out on zoom! Crazy!

The False Gods Of Religious Worship

Without heaven and hell to prop them up the so-called saints and other false gods of religion will collapse. The establishment requires the threat of hell to maintain law and order while heaven is a source of power.

Religious Brainwashing, Overpopulation, Mass Migration, And Terrorism

Men are still the slaves of those who use the false gods of religion to achieve power and control. Nothing can wake them up because their mindset is buried in the past and they cannot change.

Bible Secrets About Pentecostal Churches

Pentecostal churches are known or want to be known as “Bible Christians”, “Bible believing churches”, and doing everything using the Bible as the sole Authority in Christian matters. Every minute of their days are spent reading the scriptures. They quote 2 Tim 3:16 “All scriptures is inspired by God and is useful for teaching the truth, rebuking error, correcting faults and giving instruction for right living. They accuse other churches, especially the Catholic church of not being Bible believing, Bible Christians, and not doing everything according to the Bible. Millions of Catholics have joined them worldwide, as a result of these.

What Did Jesus Mean, “Greater Works Will You Do?”

What could be greater than raising the dead? What is more significant to the living than the casting out of a demon or healing the sick? Jesus said His followers would do all these and even more. What did the apostles do that was greater?

He Taught Me What I Know And Gave Me The Example Of The Human Being I Hope Someday To Become Pt. 1

He came into my life nearly 20 years ago when I was stumbling in my own darkness. He found me deaf, dumb, blind, ignorant and a fool… Yet with his powerful teaching and personal example, I was able to climb out of the mud of my pitiful existence to become an upright human being.

The Secrets of the Kaaba at Mecca

People are literally like sheep. They follow the leader and are unable to use their common sense to put down the lies and deceit that is killing the world. Those who speak up against the establishment are quickly disposed of while hiding the truth has become paramount.

The Ram In Ramadan – What It Means?

What people pray to and consider gods can be traced to Babylon and the Islamic religions practiced in that city. The evidence that all religions are of the same ilk came to light during my research into their origin and deviations that confuse worshipers and support the establishment.

Fruits of Iman

Faith in god has many fruits to be gained by who have that faith in his heart, among them: 1-Sincere Iman places security, calmness and relief in the heart. 2-Attaining the special closeness to Allah which is reserved for the Mu’meneen 3-Winning the pleasure of Allah and also Jannah which is prepared by Him for those who believe and have faith in him. 4-Allah defends His supporters, His party and His loved ones.

Oh, So Much Grace Given, So Little Offered – We Receive Grace In Order To Give It Away

Grace in Christendom is by far the highest virtue that one can be blessed with and bless others with. Grace is the practical expression of God’s love and captures all of the loving attributes that the Father showers on us. Why do we not accept God’s grace more easily and more importantly, if we do, why don’t we pass it on to others more freely? These questions require answering by all Christians. In his devotional, “New Morning Mercies”, Dr. Paul David Tripp mentions grace on nearly every page. Here is a brief synopses of some of the forms of grace that are available to all Christians.

Ephraim, A “Multitude of Nations?”

Occasionally a text seems out of place in the Bible. Jacob prophesies in Genesis 48:10 that his grandson Ephraim will one day produce a “multitude of nations”. Did that ever happen?

The Missed Prayer

When we pray, let us understand that it is not always for deliverance, but it is also for prevention. There is one area of directed prayer that many Believers miss, and that is the area of praying for those who already have a secure foundation and are established in their faith.

God’s Gender

I’m a product of my cultural training that instilled, with pictures and pronouns, the image of a male God. But with my continued spiritual seeking, my ongoing quest for the truth of my religious conviction, how can I square up my belief that God is everything (good/bad, faith/apostasy, darkness/light, etc.) with a representation that excludes entirely the feminine?

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