DEMONS leaving people on a ZOOM call. Check it out!

Does Culture Dictate the Grieving Process

Grieving and mourning is complete when you can move past the sorrow and observe death as an inherent element of life. We never totally move past the sorrow of death, therefore we never totally stop grieving and mourning the loss of a loved one. However…

What is the Real Source of the Catholic Church’s Power, and Why Do They Want to Keep it Hidden?

There is a secret source of power that the Catholic Church has kept hidden for hundreds of years. When you realize how powerful this is, and how close you are to harnessing it right now, you will unleash your own power and influence on the world.

The Story of Religion is a Long Tale of Conflict, Struggle and Conquest

When you understand the story of religion in the new light of military and political struggle throughout history, you can acknowledge that there is more than history would like you to know. Find out the truth.

Termite Nest – A Sign From God?

Termite nest is a varied subject given the many ways and places that termites build their nests. These can be underground, above ground, in wooden structures, inside trees, up high above the ground on the outside of trees, and even in the middle of an occupied space.

Spreading the Good News

Modern church website designs have opened the doors to most churches to infiltrate the internet without sacrificing the real church’s holy atmosphere. By installing features the same as those in real concrete churches, parishioners can still enjoy the aspects of the church without going out of their homes. The maximized searching possibility of the internet will help members of the church search for biblical passages and verses in the Bible Search feature. You can now fancy how easy reading the gospel would be with the help of high-end church web designs.

Apostolic Ministry and the Simple Church

There’s an issue among Simple Church folks that I simply can NOT overlook any longer. It’s the issue of the apostolic ministry in the Simple Church. Simple church? Two or three gathered in His Name.

Oh, Those Pesky Prophets Who Wont Leave America Alone

This week in America three celebrities passed away without warning. Reviews on the life of pop culture icon Michael Jackson was at the top of most news programs along with some questions about the manner of his death. Does our penchant for this kind of story indicate anything about our national state of mind? Let’s see.

What the Bible Says About Money

The Bible has a great deal to say about money and our use of it. Though an outspoken group of people today suggest that having great wealth and making wise financial decisions is selfish or sinful, the Bible doesn’t take that viewpoint.

What is the Mysterious Truth Behind the Stories of Religion?

When you delve just beneath the surface of what you already know, you will be amazed at the limitless wonder you will find. What does Star Trek and the Story of Jesus have in common?

Demon Activity – How True Christians Have Absolute Control

Many years ago I was a Correctional Officer. Going on duty, checking the units, breakfast was brought to one inmate early morning. The young man would fall back against the wall, literally slide down to a sitting position. His eyes would actually take on a red hue and seem to glow. He would growl in a voice like animals…demon possession!

Overcoming Selfishness

How often have we judged people, conditions, or events based upon what we know about them? On the other hand how much do we really know about the people we meet, the things we see, the events and circumstances of life? If we are really honest with ourselves we would have to admit that we don’t know nearly as much as we want people to think we do.

The Secret Behind the Catholic Church’s Rise to Power

One aspect of the Catholic Church’s rise to power is often overlooked, or even ignored. To understand something, it sometimes helps to understand it’s true origins.

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