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A Study of Miracle Healing in Christianity


A Study of Miracle Healing in Christianity

Counted among the world’s largest religions, Christianity is based on the life of Jesus of Nazareth. It has over two billion followers worldwide. Its popularity is attributed to its focus on faith. Its followers include Christians from many different backgrounds.

A study of Christianity reveals that Jesus’ healings were no gimmicks. They were done with great compassion and the most notable was to prove that He was sent from God.

The best part was that the miracles happened only in Jesus’ presence. He performed the miracles of resurrecting the dead, bringing back the departed, and healing those who were sick. In fact, one of the ten men healed of leprosy was actually brought back to thank Jesus.

During his time on earth, Jesus was known for his healings. In fact, the Bible states that Jesus healed many people. Jesus never encountered a problem that was too big for his skill set.

The miracles that Jesus did happened only in the context of his mission to save the world. His healings were a reminder that the sick need not be left to suffer alone. Fortunately, the Church continues to follow in the footsteps of the Master. The medical profession developed alongside the charisms of healing.

The miracles of Jesus were not to be confused with the miracles of the apostles. The apostles were limited in their scope and never did anything as dramatic as walking on water or feeding 5000.

The simplest and most obvious way to do the miracle was to ask God for it. The most important way to prove that Jesus is the Son of God is to believe in Him.

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