Miracle Healing


Miracle Healing

The term “religion” is polemical and, like other concepts, Christianity serves as its origin. It dominates both the institutional and semantic space, as in “global spiritual warfare” where violence and apocalyptic visions have become the hallmarks of a political praxis. Christianity, in this polemical sense, is a political ideology, which includes prayer as its central means of redemptive praxis.

According to the Bible, the human person is both body and soul. The purpose of Christ’s coming to earth was to save souls and raise up both the body and soul. Jesus performed many miracles, and 20-11% of his public ministry was devoted to reports of physical healing and exorcisms. The miracles of Jesus are considered a testament to his divinity. It is this compassion that inspired him to heal so many people.

Western Christendom has been exposed to enough Christianity to make them hostile to the doctrine of salvation, and they have been influenced by anti-Christian propaganda in the media and in intellectual circles. In such a climate, it is much more difficult to convert such people. Nonetheless, there are many ways to reclaim Christianity. You can start by examining your own experience with Christianity, and seek a spiritual advisor if necessary.

The sacraments are particularly effective healing agents. Jesus touched the sick during his ministry, and healing still happens in the sacraments. The Eucharist, for example, is a sign of Jesus’ presence and power. In the Eucharist, Jesus Christ is present and embodied. When you receive the Eucharist, the healing power is particularly strong. It is a powerful instrument of healing, bringing spiritual strength and physical healing.

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