Demons of the New Testament and Their Activities

The Owner of the House

A Christian today is compared to a little known Biblical character. Both men were obedient to the Lord and readily hospitable to those He sent to them.

The Forbidden City

The history of the Forbidden City in China offers a stark contrast to Christ’s invitation to His Eternal City. Rather than being a “distant Lord,” Jesus is an intimate friend.

Earnest Prayers to Save India

India is one of the great developing nations of the world, both economically and politically. With a huge population of 1.17 billion, India accounts for one sixth of the total world’s population.

Does Anyone Wear Tefillin in Tel Aviv?

Tefillin, often translated (for reasons no one knows) as phylacteries, are a very special mitzvah (commandment) of the Jewish people. The thing is, it’s a very big rarity to find anyone who is not very religious who puts them on, let alone owns a pair. They are quite expensive ($1,000 is a decent price), so unless they were passed on from a deceased relative, no one would make the purchase unless they were very committed.

Making it Easier to Have Faith

If you don’t like your circumstances, change them, using faith. It does not deny the facts, but it does change them, if you use this method.

Pulling Weeds

The ordinary task of pulling weeds is a lot of hard work. The spiritual discipline of ridding ourselves of sin is just like that.

Christian Websites Should Help Exercise Faith to Become Power Warriors

Exercise is nothing more and nothing less than doing it repeatedly. Repetition is the only way to train to be perfect in any thing. By repeating it several times, you develop a habit. A Christian is also trained the same way. Christian websites have a great responsibility to help us get out of the patient and sick attitude to healthy and power oriented Christians.

Gentle on My Mind

In everything you do and say, wherever you go or whoever you’re with, try to always (all ways) be aware of the Presence of our Lord and acknowledge Him. When you are at a gathering with your spouse or a date of whom you are fond, you are always aware of his presence and kind of “keep an eye” on him.

Where Did My Friend Go?

Seldom is it expressed how bad it must have hurt the heart of Father God when Adam fell to the temptation of the serpent in the garden. His closest relationship was spoiled by Adam’s guilt and shame.

The Gospel and Martial Arts

In our society there are many options competing for people’s free time. One of the challenges of the church is how to find ways to share the gospel so that people will attend the event. Right off the bat let me say that I’m not talking about altering the gospel in any way.

Is Depression a Sin?

Right of the bat I want to say I don’t consider depression a sin, but I do consider sin at the core of its beginning. People find the word SIN such a non-scientific term, if something cannot be scientifically proven does that mean it doesn’t exist? Lets see what conclusion you might come to on this issue.

Parental Love

There are few things greater on this earth than the love a parent has for their child or children. Parental love is exclusive and unique and irreplaceable. The Love a parent has for a child is exclusive because it can only be between that child and that parent.

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