Demons tremble at the name of Jesus!

Healing Miracles and Christian Deliverance


Healing Miracles and Christian Deliverance

During Jesus’ ministry, healing miracles played a significant role. His anointing with the Holy Spirit enabled him to deliver a message of liberation in an eschatological Jubilee.

The Bible tells us that Jesus was able to distinguish between two types of conditions. He could cast out a demon and heal the sick. His healing miracles are a testament to his divinity.

One of the most common miracles of his time was a cure for a man possessed by an unclean spirit. This man had lived among tombs and had often been bound with shackles.

Aside from the healing miracles, Jesus and the apostles also cast out many demons. These exorcisms are reported in 20-11% of the gospel accounts.

While the healing miracles were impressive, it is important to note that the sacraments of divine healing are more effective. The Holy Spirit is present in the Eucharist and through the anointing of the sick. A faith-filled prayer of a priest will heal a person.

The sacrament of the anointing of the sick is a sign of a true church of Christ. The word “sozo” in Greek means “physical restoration.” A true Christian will recover from sickness.

The healing miracles of Jesus are a testament to his compassion for the sick and suffering. The sacraments of divine healing are the means by which Jesus continues to heal.

Many churchgoers are blinded by anti-Christian propaganda found in the media and the intellectual circles. There are tent meetings of various “evangelists” that do not practice genuine healing.

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