Adam – The Origin of Man – The Dinosaur Story – Part 2

Somewhere back in eternity past, millions or billions or trillions or gazillions of years ago, God created the heavens and the earth. No one can really say how long it did or didn’t take, because it’s not recorded anywhere.

Adam – The Origin of Man – The Dinosaur Story – Part 1

At the risk of opening up an giant-sized can of worms, today I’m addressing the topic of prehistoric man and the dinosaur age. There are a lot of theories on this subject, from the evolution of man, on up to dinosaurs being created right along with Adam, somewhere around six thousand years ago.

A New Vision of God

According to many, by December 21, 2012 we will be hit by a polar shift, solar flares, Planet X, ETs running amok, a failed economy, cannibalism, and troops of jack-booted thugs threatening us at gunpoint. May I add an additional item to the list? Listen carefully.

Levels of Christian Discipleship and Taking Up Your Cross

There are various people in the world back in Jesus’ day as there are today. There were sometimes vast crowds (“multitude” In the KJV) of people numbering in the thousands. (Luke 12:1) The size of these crowds of people apparently ebbed and flowed. Sometimes there were just a few followers, and sometimes it was in the thousands.

Do Your Best and Let God Do the Rest, Tip From Brian

When was the last time that you invested in yourself? Do you best and let God do the rest…

Great Prostitute

She is totally consumed in the pursuit of pleasure and consumption. There is no place for compassion, respect or gratitude within her being. The woman’s gaudy dress and accessories further confirm her total indulgence in material things. Once the character of the prostitute is established the nature of evil is revealed.

What If the Wisdom of This World is Foolishness With God?

If this is true, then much of what is referred to as “wisdom” today is unbridled foolishness. To understand worldly wisdom, we need to see how fools respond to life. Here are some of the responses that come from fools according to the Bible:

What If There is a Universal Formulated Christian Theology?

If this is true, it would be very helpful if we could find it. It would do away with the confusion we see in our churches. It would be a clear message to unbelievers that the church is the body of Christ Jesus. It would be easier to accept the Christian’s united message without the denominational factions. This would be a great blessing to the world.

The Significance of Round on Rosh Hashanah

Round rituals on the Jewish Holiday of Rosh Hashanah symbolize more than simply the fact that the year starts over. More specifically, the shape of the Rosh Hashanah is actually a spiral. Why?

The Man Slept Naked

When you have a new investment, you have a new focus. In the financial realm, this is just a truth, even in the spiritual. If your future is invested in this world and in your ability to succeed in it, that’s where your focus will be.

Emerging Church Goes Forward by Looking Back

At the beginning of the emerging church conversation, it wasn’t a fully formed movement. There weren’t the emerging books, blogs, white papers, and open letters that there are today. There were, however several dynamic, intelligent, and motivated leaders who were tired of the discrepancy they saw between popular worldview (postmodernism) and the theologies and methodologies of the (decidedly Modern) evangelical church.

The Failure of Natural Law

Many Christians deny the validity of biblical law for modern society and believe that good civil government may be realized by acting in concert with unregenerate moralists under the banner of “natural law.” However, this point of view fails to take into account the clear teaching of the Bible concerning the state of unregenerate man.

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