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Christian Faith and Miracle Healing


Christian Faith and Miracle Healing

Christian faith is a worldview that recognizes the two-fold nature of human beings – body and soul. The incarnation of Jesus came to save both, and we are called to be his instruments in the process of salvation. The Bible is full of examples of this – 20 to 11% of gospel accounts of Jesus’ public ministry focus on miracles and physical healing. In a similar vein, the New Testament contains a wide range of teachings on charisms.

Jesus sent his apostles out to preach the gospel, and they were given authority over demons, as well as powers to heal the sick and raise the dead. They were charged with doing good deeds for others, and they were instructed to wear sandals. Jesus had them shake off dust as they went through unfriendly places. As a result, the apostles proclaimed the need for repentance and salvation. Ultimately, the apostles were to be the representatives of God.

Miracles are a vital aspect of Christianity. Jesus performed many miracles, including raising the dead, casting out demons, and walking on water. By doing so, He demonstrated his ability to transform human beings and revealed the nature of God. These miracles revealed Christ’s authority over nature and convinced many that he was the promised Messiah. Bystanders would hold their noses to witness these acts. However, it is important to note that these miracles are not based on science or evidence, but are rather evidence of His divinity.

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