How Do You Prove Your Faith?

The most convincing and believable proof of our Christian convictions is made in the manner in which we live our faith. We cannot convince others what we believe by any worldly arguments.

Teaching the Bible in Tennessee’s Public Schools

Tennessee recently passed a law allowing Bible teaching in the public schools. This article addresses this political issue.

Free Printable Bible Quizzes For Kids and Quiet Book Patterns For Toddlers

Printable bible quizzes for kids and quiet book patterns for toddlers are great ways to keep your kids behaved during mass. I find that it is impossible to keep my toddler still during church. It has gotten to the point that I can’t even go to church unless both of my parents go with me to help out with the kids.

The Sense of Temporality in Muslim World

The very personality of the Islamic God, with absolutely and unpredictable freedom is transmitted to the cycle time: behind the passing of days, there is always a principle that in itself is immutable and unaffected. This approach is a whole difference with the Christian idea of the living presence of God in the human history with His sorrowful vicinity than the Islamic God.

The Butterfly – A Symbol of Resurrection

The butterfly symbolizes rebirth into a new life after being inside a cocoon for a period of time. This symbolism tracks the life of Christ and is related to various verses, written by Paul, in 1 Corinthians, the 15th chapter.

Seven Signs of the Return of Jesus Christ

According to the Book of Matthew, chapter 24 of the Bible, there are seven signs that point to the eminent Second Coming (Advent) of Jesus Christ. Are we the final generation before the return of Jesus? Perhaps. Please read this eye opening article and decide for yourself.

The Cross – A Symbol of Christianity

The cross is an ancient human symbol that is used by Christians to represent the sacrifice of the Lord Jesus Christ for the sins of the world. It is the most common symbol of Christianity. Many different forms and designs of the cross should be explored since these symbols represent a wide range of religions and beliefs across the world.

Latter-Day Saints Art With Non-LDS Themes

Art and paintings in Mormon’s homes not only express members faith but also their love of country, family and nature. Mormons look for truth and beauty in everything.

Christian Websites Should Promote Daily Disciplines For Drawing Personal Power From God

Daily disciplines may sound very legalistic. The word legalism has done two damages to our walk with God. First damage is that churches have become legalistic in the wrong direction. The second damage is the completely disregard to daily regular healthy habit forming disciplines. Christian Websites should teach this truth.

Saint Agatha of Catania

Saint Agatha is the Patron of Catania Sicily. Her short life ended cruelly in 251. She is one of the most well-documented Martyrs in the history of the Church.

The Importance of the First Holy Communion

The First Holy Communion is a religious occasion that is important to Christian families throughout the world. This signifies that the child is old enough to participate in the services of the church. Such traditions are generally accompanied by family gatherings and occasions. Girls are dressed with a veil and beautiful white gowns along with their first communion jewelery that symbolize purity, whereas the guys are dressed in black suits.

Christian Websites – Fear of Health and Wealth

Fear is the number cause for defeat in a Christian. We do have many reasons for fear in this world. We fear health and wealth issues more than anything else. Health has become a number one cause of concern for many today. Epidemics and obesity can trigger many fearful consequences. Wealth is another that can challenge and cripple us with fear. Christian websites should contribute articles and teachings on true security of a believer.

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