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Why Not Use the Quran for Muslim Evangelism?

Some Christians adamantly oppose using the Quran for Muslim Evangelism. Still others ask, “Why not use the Quran?” There are legitimate objections to using it, just as there are legitimate reasons for using it as a witnessing tool. There are several reasons people don’t use the Quran for Muslim evangelism, but the purpose of this article is to briefly discuss the top three reasons…

Useful Vocabulary for Muslim Evangelism

As one regularly engaged in inter-faith dialogue with Arab Muslims, I’ve found there to be some vocabulary for Muslim evangelism that is vital. I’m a big advocate of using the Quran as a bridge to Christ and the Bible. I don’t camp out on the Quran or hold protracted studies of the Quran. I simply find the common ground that it shares with the truth of the Bible and point Muslims to Christ…

Do You Have the Patience to Pray?

Happy National Day of Prayer! When I told my children we’d be attending a special event for the National Day of Prayer, one of them responded by saying, “That’s a made up holiday right?

Pope Chastises Nuns for Radical Feminist Views and Ignites Action by Women’s Rights Advocates

The beautiful and devoted brides of Christ are worthy of respect, honor and admiration, not chastisement for being quiet! These obedient and dedicated ladies should be elevated to a position of honor, not thrown under the Vatican Bus.

Background Software

There are some similarities between the background software on our computers and our thoughts. They can be used for good or evil.

The Benefits Of Children’s Bible Story Books

Starting at an early age, reading to children helps them discover new words and assists them with their language skills. It also greatly strengthens the relationship between child and parent as they spend quiet quality time together. However, if you decide to use children’s bible story books, the benefits are even greater. Bible stories are compelling tools for teaching your child about God.

Basic Mezuzah Questions

A Mezuzah is a small case that contains a small, hand-written scroll of parchment. On the scroll is written the words of the Shema prayer- the most central prayer in Judaism that speaks about G-d’s commanding the Jewish people to keep His words constantly in their minds and hearts. The Mezuzah is placed on the right-hand doorpost of all the doorways in a Jewish home.

Am I Qualified to Serve God?

The kingdom that is within the heart of one believer, one humble enough in his or her moment to recognise where Jesus would be, compels that one believer to do cheerfully the least of all. No complaint is thought or heard. They are pleased just to be involved. There are no bold dreams of leading and having followers. They have no glued aspirations to be the next Rob Bell or John Piper or Rick Warren.

A Biblical Trial by Ordeal for Suspected Affairs

Critics see the biblical trial by ordeal for a woman involved in an affair as a sad reflection on the Judeo-Christian God. But Jesus said the Scriptures “testify” about Him, so we should try to determine how each biblical passage relates to His message. This article seeks to do that for the ordeal story by showing how its imagery appears repeatedly throughout the Scriptures with a consistent significance.

Layman’s Bible Commentary on Romans – Lesson IV

By no means, not ever. ‘Let God be true, but every man a liar.’ If anyone would say that the promise of God had failed toward him, let him look to himself and examine his heart and find that he had turned away from God.

NO More Condemnation

The Law has got to be, without question, the most controversial subject in the word of God. It’s a subject matter that the Apostle Paul dealt with, over and over, in every letter that he wrote to the churches in the Bible.

Romans 16 Bible Study

Christians should constantly watch out for people who preach a different gospel that they have received. Before accepting a gospel message, you must examine the word of God to see whether it meets the standards of the Bible. False prophets deceive people by using persuasion and flattery. The mystery that has been hidden from men since a long time ago is the gospel message, that anyone that has faith in Christ can be saved.

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