Devon Franklin And Meagan Good File For Divorce. Seeing In The Spirit

Babylon the Great and the Mother of Harlots Exposed

Reincarnation was outlawed by Constantine’s religion in the 5th CAD. This was to protect the notions of eternal life in heaven and hell. The details of those things were located in Babylon and were taken into the Catholic Church by Jerome, who subsequently compiled and partly wrote the New Testament.

Heaven Is Terminal and Hell Non Existent

Reincarnation was outlawed by the Vatican in the 5th CAD and yet my memory of it proves that it is very real. It also showed that heaven and hell are myths born of superstition and dreams. They are both now about to fade into oblivion.

Life Restored

This article is about men who have walked through a dark period in their lives and feel like they have no hope. But, there is always hope in God and what was lost can be restored.

Jerusalem and Ayodhya – Sources Of Religious Violence

Religious places – Jerusalem or Ayodhaya – are more often than not, a source of religious violence. Why is it so? Have we misunderstood the basics of a religion? Unfortunately, yes! We believe that reciting scriptures with music is the religion. We believe that we praise God, when we say, “Allah is great”, and it is good enough. But it is not! We have to inculcate Godly traits – humility, non-violence, and accepting same God in all human beings. Let us all learn to tolerate each other. Let’s forget the past. Let’s try not to correct past atrocities or demolitions and create new problems.

Women Rights in Islam

Answering the common misconception that Muslim women are oppressed. This article shall highlight some of the women rights in Islam.

Best Practice

The consequence of a default choice shatters a dream and leaves in its wake a great cost in time and dollars. The choice also displaces new opportunities that generate and liberate. The price of obedience and doing the right thing is high but the price of neglect is much greater.To live is to choose to be intentional. The question is to be or not to be?

To Live Is Christ

Life is a journey. Everyday is but one singular point on a route to an eternal destination.

Overcoming Unforgiveness

Unforgiveness is like a burned pot of soup. It is burned, tastes terrible and sits on the stove waiting for you to try to save the soup by changing the taste. But, you cannot change the taste, it remains bitter.

Flip the Switch: Quit Living in the Dark

We blame God for evil and neglect to take responsibility for the darkness that lives inside of us. We refuse to recognize that God’s goodness is available to us, but our selfishness and lack of humility prevents us from moving from the darkness and into the light.

Children Suffer Because of Religious Dogma and Irresponsible Hiding of Truth

Religious organisations call for more children to be born but they ignore the consequences when the population is too great to sustain. Having a baby is one thing looking after and caring for it throughout its life is another.

Can You Remember?

I wonder how many people can respond with certainty as to what their Pastor preached last Sunday. Have we replaced our ears with our feet as we go out in our communities to share what we have been taught?

Can Spirits Hurt My Loved Ones and Me?

For those who do not have Jesus in their lives, demons can hurt him or her; however, if one does have the Lord, then he or she has power over them with the Holy Spirit. One will discuss this in more detail because of the perilousness that is prominent for the times in which all are living.

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