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Miracle Healing in Christianity


Miracle Healing in Christianity

Christianity is a system of beliefs. Its beliefs and practices were established by Jesus Christ. Today, it is a worldwide religion with thousands of followers. But for some people, the idea of following Christ is too foreign, and their religious views have been corrupted by the influence of anti-Christian propaganda in the media and among intellectual circles. For those people, it is more difficult to bring them to a new understanding of Christianity.

The biblical understanding of the human person is that it comprises two parts, a soul and a body. The divine nature of Christ and his compassion for the suffering world is manifested in the healing miracles of Jesus. But, it is important to note that this divine power was not passed on to the apostles. For example, Jesus healed people with diseases and cast demons. But the apostles never performed any miracle. So, it is not possible for the apostles to perform such miracles.

A genuine Christian performs exorcisms to cure their clients. Where the Holy Spirit reigns, demons cannot settle in the minds of Christians. But, if evil spirits possess a human being, exorcism is not uncommon. Genuine Christians can also be victims of demonic possession. But, exorcisms are the norm in Christianity, not the exception. This is due to the fact that evil spirits do possess human beings.

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