King James Bible – Book of James

The Book of James in the King James Bible is written to the scattered tribes of Israel. James recognizes that they are enduring trials. Does he offer a solution? No, he says “count it all joy” and to “let patience have her perfect work, that ye may be perfect and entire, wanting nothing.”

Let’s Create the Human Family of Peace

Discussion of what could actually create a world of peace as taught by Rev. Sun Myung Moon and recently addressed by his daughter, Rev. In Jin Moon, head of the Unification Church of America. She spoken about the results of the mass weddings over twenty years ago, the need to be on the crest of and working towards positive change, and the intuitiveness of her father and his uncanny ability to predict the outcomes of world affairs during his life.

Children’s Views on Bible Stories

I often find it a challenge to teach kids in a way that is easy for them to understand; a way that won’t get confused or jumbled or mixed with all of the other things that they’re trying to learn about the world in which they live. It’s sometimes hard for children to understand the full impact of Bible stories, but there is one thing that they should understand without confusion, and that is the way of salvation.

What Secret, Powerful Group of Men Changed the Course of Western History Forever?

How did the Bible come to be? Who decided what writings went into the Bible, and what writings were left out? What were the reasons behind their decisions? The answers may surprise even you.

Stepping Out in Faith – The Beginning of Miracles

Is God calling you to step out in faith? If you are truly being obedient to His voice, then as you walk forward today and initiate the action. God will bring the blessing, the victory, and the miracles.

What Does the Bible Say About Being Free?

Today we all have the right to vote for our leaders and exercise our political freedoms. Our parents taught us to do as we please, live the way we want (within the law) and be whoever we want to be. The sky is the limit! Right? But even though we have all of these earthly freedoms and have been declared independent, are we really free? Are we truly happy? What does the bible say about being free?

What is the Story BEHIND the Story of the Birth of Christ?

Have you heard the story about the Birth of Christ? Well, like the beloved Paul Harvey used to say, read what’s inside so you can get the rest of the story.

How Organized Religion Covertly Hijacks Your Mind and Your Thoughts

What thoughts are in your mind? Who put them there? The answers may surprise even you.

Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread!

Faith and love cannot remain static. They need to be fed daily or they’ll become malnourished, just as your body would! We need our daily bread.

Help For the Visually Impaired – Large-Print Bibles

For those who are visually impaired, large print Bibles are a very nice gift idea for any occasion. It is a gift with a purpose and will certainly be appreciated by the receiver. Any gift is always welcomed but the gift of a Bible usually has special meaning to it. Whether you purchase one for a family member or for a very special and close friend it will always be welcomed. For those who have difficulty reading standard print size these specially printed Bibles with larger print size will be a very thoughtful gift to your friend or family member. It is a gift that they will keep right beside them constantly and will be a reminder of your thoughtfulness every time they pick it up.

Choosing a Good Study Bible – What to Look For

For those individuals who like to take on the challenge of studying the Bible there is no better nor rewarding investigation into the analysis of what the Bible offers to every individual. For a task like this you will want to use and have good study Bibles to help you accomplish your mission and goals. There are many publishers who make these type of Bibles and as a wise consumer you should take the time to investigate and research what is out there in the market place before you buy. There are many online sites that you can consult in your search for a good Bible to help you study. Many contain even plans of organization and approaches on how to take an serious investigation of the Bible.

What Must We Do to Be Saved?

In this article I want to share with you the most important information you will ever hear. I’m want to tell you what you can do to side step such the horrible fate of eternity in Hell. Ready? Here goes.

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