Attention New Agers – Are We Really the Creators of the Universe?

For all the New Age spiritual “gurus” out there … do you really want to stand before God someday and tell Him you are the Creator? And when you speak disparagingly about Christians for believing things “by faith” … do you have the smallest shred of evidence that you have unlimited power and can effect the universe simply by the power of your thoughts? Talk about stretching the imagination.

Hindu God Ganesha Family

Elephant-headed Ganesha is Hinduism’s most popular deity. The legends about Ganesha depict him as a devoted son and a loving brother.

The Holocaust

Holocaust stories teach us how to recognize the worst examples of humanity, but also the benefits of morality. The terror of genocide is not necessarily an inevitable human outcome. We must learn from the mistakes of our past, rather than repeat them. As long as we teach our children about the Holocaust, there is hope that it will never happen again.

Laboring to Enter God’s Rest – Part 1

Laboring to enter God’s rest is a beautiful Biblical paradox. Contemplative prayer is perhaps the best example we can have of what it truly means to labor to enter God’s rest.

Contemplative Prayer – Being Heart-to-heart With God

I’m fascinated by Mother Teresa’s response to a couple of questions posed by former CBS Evening News anchor Dan Rather during an interview he conducted with her back in the 80’s. “What do you say to God when you pray?” Rather asked.

Loss of Hope

A few days ago a Vietnamese born American methodically killed more than a dozen people, then himself. What would make this man act on impulses many have, but never follow? The fact that he killed himself let’s us know he had nothing in his life to keep him going. That he killed all the innocent people showed the rage and hatred in his heart. What brings a person to the point where they think they have nothing to live for and want to inflict as much pain as possible on the way out? The man had lost all hope of better days.

Contemplative Prayer is For Evangelicals Too!

Contemplative prayer (centering prayer) is not just compatible with the Evangelical point of view and lifestyle; it’s a great match! What centering prayer/ contemplative prayer is and why it fits perfectly with what God wants for those who love him. With scripture references.

Hello – I Am a Bi-Vocational Pastor

There are approximately 335,000 churches in the United States. And, 59% or 177,000 of them have less than 100 people on any given Sunday. Of the 177,000 a large percentage of them have 50 or less in church weekly. As a result of these numbers there is a huge group of pastors in the US that are what has become known as Bi-Vocational pastors. There was a time when we called them “part time pastors.”

Getting the Gospel Wrong in Corinth

Getting God wrong is a common problem that has plagued Christianity since the time of the Corinthian church, and before that back into the history of the Old Testament to the Fall of Adam. Being a sinner means getting things wrong. Paul was trying to help the Corinthians get things right, and their getting things right meant that they first come to understand that they had gotten things wrong.

Spirituality and Sexuality in the Bible

The whole world is driven by this two fundamental and powerful forces. News, media, TV commercials, internet, everything that we come across in our daily life are influenced by them. So is there any connection between Spirituality and Sexuality? What does bible say about it? This article is my attempt to carefully investigate the relationship between our spirituality and sexuality. It is not an exhaustive study on the topic, but rather more practical approach to it.

The Controversy That is God

I believe. I believe that there is someone who takes care of me and helps me. Why? Lets just say life’s teachings. I have named that ‘someone’ God. I am not a very religious man but neither am I an atheist. I have my beliefs but I don’t take things just because they are written in books. I don’t ask for proof on everything but the ‘you got to have faith’ thing doesn’t work either.

Is the Economy Making Your Church Face These Problems and Issues?

Don’t think that the bad economy hasn’t affected all areas of our lives. The downturn has hit every sector of our society and hasn’t left out churches either.

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