Disney “woke” agenda LEAKED. This is Infuriating!

Can I Flow in Prophetic Worship?

A great new Christian music genre emerging in Churches throughout the world is prophetic worship. What exactly does prophetic mean? Prophetic is nothing more than flowing with divinely inspired revelation from heaven.

Introducing Pastor Jackson Senyonga

The story of Pastor Jackson Senyonga serves as an inspiration to all who read. It proves that even the harshes of circumstances can produce a valuable member of society as long as there are two vital aspects present: hope and love.

Advocating Makes All the Difference

This article inspires even the most “out of luck” patron the importance of simply being an advocate for your beliefs. Just by networking and speaking, Pastor Jackson Senyonga was able to make a connection with Dr. Michael Haglund of Duke University, which resulted in millions of dollars worth of improvements to the struggling Kampala, Uganda hospital.

What is Soaking Music For?

Soaking music is a recently developed music genre which helps people to relax and discover God in a more intimate and tangible way. In the fast-paced day we live in most people seek after relaxation and peace; therefore a great need has been created for music that brings the soul into a place of rest.

Jesus’ Most Trivial Miracle

After this, Jesus went away to the other side of the Sea of Galilee (or Tiberias). A large crowd kept following him because they had seen the signs that he was performing on the sick. But Jesus went up on a hillside and sat down there with his disciples.

God and Free Will

There is a big debate of what ‘free will’ means. If God’s will is absolute, then the world is deterministic and we cannot have free will. On the other hand, if we do have free will, then what’s the point of there being a God? We are not separate beings, and God is not separate from us. Free will is also not a matter of choosing between A and B (that is only a limitation we see), it’s about creating whatever you wish to create or express – without discrete choices.

Attributes of God

Some of our concepts and views are more or less compatible with the idea of God, and some apply only to a limited, anthropomorphizing vision of God. If it helps in relating to God to see him as human, then it is not always a bad thing, just make sure you work on opening your mind and not closing it.

Is God Just?

God’s ethics are on a different scale then our human ones. Our sense of ethics revolves around personal safety, individual freedom and social consent. Our ideas of justice and fairness are also derived from these. Since God does not operate from such a basis, it is easy to see why God might not be just according to our expectations.

Is God Perfect?

God is perfect, but God’s perfection is not static. God is not standing at the top of the world, absolute and unmoving. God is perfect in the way a dance is perfect, or even life itself. It’s all about relations and change. If you can see a single perfect image of God, rest assured that it is only a tiny glimpse.

Is God Love?

Yes, God is Love. Love makes God who he is – and makes us who we are. Without Love, the universe would just collapse into itself and disappear without a trace. Our human concept of love is quite hazy. There are two major parts of the normal idea of love: ‘loving someone’ and ‘being in love with someone’.

It Takes a Lot More Than Christian E-books and Holy Land Gifts to Help Bring Your Family to Christ

You know, when you first become saved you can’t wait to share your faith. You’re bubbling over with excitement, brimming with the amazing discovery you’ve found. When you’re filled with that fire it’s easy to bring people to God, but as time goes by and your faith begins to fade a lot of that excitement disappears.

Brooklyn’s Urban Churches, Energized and Plugged-In

Brooklyn (NYC) has more churches than you can shake a stick at. Christian churches of every stripe offer Sunday programs tailored to the needs of differing urban populations. Young professionals can find services beginning worship with Christian rock music, then going to a socially relevant message.

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