Mezuzah – Spirituality on the Go

Spirituality is a sorely needed thing in today’s world, and everybody’s looking for it. Very few find it. This is because they make one mistake. They look for it in special places and special times instead of in everyday activities. Spirituality is not something you do on your spare time. It’s something you do when you’re busy. This is one of the meanings of the Jewish Mezuzah, nailed on the door of every Jewish home. That precisely when you are engaged in the most boring of mundane activities – entering and leaving your home – you must be aware of God’s presence.

Conflict of Church and Science – The Problem With Galileo

It has for too long been thought that the conflict over Galileo’s ideas was primarily one of a conflict between Church and Science. The evidence, however, is that Galileo’s first and greatest enemies were his colleagues, the “Liga,” at the university, who found it convenient to recruit the powers of the church and state in their support.

Spiritual Depression

Should we ever get spiritually depressed? No we probably shouldn’t, but I think we all can say at times, we do.

God’s Incomprehensible Dominion – Psalm 104

Such a worshipful psalm we have right here. It lauds the wonderful knowledge of God’s creative artistry. He is creator and maintainer of his creation – the heavenly Gardener.

About the Tithe – What Should We Give?

Some cannot afford at this present time to give/tithe five percent or ten percent or twenty percent of what they earn – the figures don’t add up and so they live on the grace of God and of the church, serving however they can. This is for a time; a defined season.

A Brief Overview of Tefillin, Phylacteries

Imagine that you have walked in to a synagogue, right around the time that prayers are supposed to start. You see each man who walks into the synagogue carrying a bag. You see the men take out prayer shawls, place them upon themselves and then take out small leather boxes with straps attached to them, which the men then proceed to tie to their arms and put on their heads.

Audio Bible – 1

In today’s fast-paced world, most everyone is trying to fit 28 hours into every day. As a result, we are all plagued with a nagging feeling at the end of the day that we have somehow overlooked something that should have been accomplished, which only serves to increase our stress level.

Philosophical Reasons Why the God of the Universe Cannot Be “Good” As We Expect Him to Be

The holy scriptures of the Jews, the Christians, the Muslims and of other creeds portray god as good. I have a problem with that although I wish I could agree with that.

John Wesley – A Methodical Man

John Wesley founded the English Methodist movement which began when he took to open-air preaching in a similar manner to George Whitefield. In contrast to George Whitefield’s Calvinism, Wesley embraced Arminianism. Methodism in both forms was a highly successful evangelical movement in the United Kingdom, which encouraged people to experience Jesus Christ personally. During his ministry, Wesley taught that any religion that does not offer love and support to everyone equally, regardless of their possessions, prestige and power — or lack thereof — is no Christian faith at all.

Principles of the Doctrine of Christ – Baptism in Water – The Second Witness

Have you ever been a witness to some event? Perhaps you witnessed a marriage certificate, or some legal document.

Does God Exist?

You can only go back so far before there is absolutely nothing. The thought can literally make your brain hurt, if pondered upon for too long. It remains however an unfathomable fact and one that cannot be denied by anyone. We are impossible.

Who is a True Christian Father?

Each time someone mentions father, it reminds me of the way I use to see my biological father when I was growing up, from my childhood to the time I went to a boarding school. When I think back, I want to appreciate the role my father played in shaping my life to be who I am today.

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